A new virus of dissidence surfaced in Telangana BJP in between senior leadership and new entrants. Groupism is the main cause for this activity. State leadership consoled this problem several times but no use, now the high command is worried about this growing menace.

While the BJP leadership is aiming to come to power in Telangana, dissidence has raised its head in the party. Dissidence has started in erstwhile Karimnagar, the district of Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

In the BJP, the dissidence is between old leaders and newcomers. Old-timers feel that the party is giving more importance to new leaders and ignoring them. In the name of ‘self-respect’ the BJP’s old leaders have started organising secret meetings.

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The Karimnagar dissidents are planning to bring all dissidents on a single platform. The secret meetings of dissidents have come to the attention of the BJP high command. As they are  concentrating on grabbing power in Telangana the high command has taken seriously the secret meetings of its leaders.

The BJP high command has reportedly directed the Telangana BJP in-charge Tarun Chugh to submit a report on the secret meetings of party leaders. The BJP high command wants to end dissidence right in the beginning before it spreads. The BJP wants to take serious action depending on the report submitted by Tarun Chugh.

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Meanwhile, the BJP leaders suspect a TRS hand in the dissidence and that the dissidents are acting according to TRS directions.The BJP leaders suspect a secret deal between the TRS and dissident leaders. They think that the TRS leadership is encouraging dissidence in the party to weaken the BJP. The BJP leaders feel that the TRS leadership is trying to encourage dissidence within the party as it is unable to fight them directly.

While the BJP is playing a mind game with TRS leaders to encourage defections, the TRS is trying to create problems in the BJP by encouraging dissidence.

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STOP PRESS: BJP high command instructed Telangana BJP senior leader Indrasena Reddy to investigate the issue and report to the high command for further action. #KhabarLive #hydnews