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It is extremely difficult to identify the curves and diversions on the road, and this slows down traffic movement on the venue of Medaram jatra route.  A shoddily filled trench on the stretch from Pasra to Narlapur on NH-163 to Medaram poses the danger of wheels of vehicles getting caught in the loose mud in Telangana.

With barely 30 days to go for one of Asia’s biggest tribal festivals starts, the 22 km stretch from Pasra to Narlapur on the National Highway 163  the major road leading to Medaram — is not in a motorable condition and is still undergoing repairs. In fact, the first one that comes to mind when one sees the road is “dangerous”, and commuters dread using it.

It is extremely difficult to identify the curves and diversions on the road, and this slows down traffic movement. Needless to say, the situation is certain to cause massive traffic congestion, and in turn, inconvenience to the devotees. The officials, however, have managed to instal signboards to warn drivers of the sharp curves, but that does little to help commuters.

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Earlier, a committee had announced that the tribal festival would take place from February 16 to February 19, and ever since, devotees are flocking to the location with their families to pay their respects to deities before the festivities begin.

The State government has sanctioned Rs 75 crore to make preparations for Asia’s biggest tribal festival. At present, the road works are taken up between Pasra to Medaram and Tadvai to Medaram, which are the major stretches to Medaram village. However, due to the condition of the road, there is no option at present for the devotees but to take an alternative route to reach Medaram.

The ongoing works, however, have not stopped devotees from thronging Medaram. Hundreds of devotees from across the State are seen visiting Medaram to offer prayers to Sammakka and Saralamma every day.

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Tribal Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod recently chaired a review meeting on arrangements and ongoing works for the tribal festival. She instructed the officials to ensure the work is completed before January 15, 2022. However, though the deadline has passed, there is still a lot of work pending.

Speaking to #KhabarLive, Mulugu district Roads & Buildings Executive Engineer (EE) N Venkatesh stated that due to the unseasonal rains that have lashed the district for the past one week, the road repair work has been delayed. He said that road works almost 90 per cent of the work has been completed and the remaining work will be completed within one week. The State government allocated `13 crore for road works for the tribal festival, Venkatesh said. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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