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Telangana is a state that’s well known for its rich culture, it’s deep historical heritage and, more recently, an emerging and rapidly expanding IT industry. 

Since the introduction of the internet in India, digital startups have made their home in Telangana due to the state’s tech-friendly political and legislative climate.

Many of the tech startups in Telangana are related to real money online gaming. This includes rummy startups, fantasy sports startups, and more.

The existence of these many gaming startups in the state have become a topic of public discussion in the state, which has led many local residents to ask the question: “Is online betting actually legal in Telangana?”

In this article, we will attempt to answer that question as clearly as possible.

First off, a look at the issue of gambling in India.

Online Betting Laws in India – A State Subject

The betting laws in India are governed by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. To this day this act is the primary reference of all gambling laws in India.

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The act does not permit physical betting in the country. Gambling is technically prohibited in most of its forms with a few exceptions.

The exceptions include activities such as rummy and horse racing, because these activities are considered “games of skill” and not “games of luck”.

Since the law was ratified before the advent of the internet, there is obviously no mention of online betting within the legislative text.

The central government therefore defers the final say on regulations governing online betting to individual states. This means that every state in India is allowed to set its own laws when it comes to online gambling and betting.

Online Betting Laws in Telangana

Telangana was separated from the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2014. Therefore, many of the state laws in Telangana have been inherited from the state laws of Andhra Pradesh.

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Betting laws in Telangana were initially governed by the Andhra Pradesh Gambling Act of 1974. This law makes any type of betting and gambling illegal except horse racing.

Telangana state further amended the law and established the Telangana Gambling Act of 2017. All gambling related activities in the state now fall within the scope of this law.

According to information that we have gathered from the online betting informational site known as, all types of betting are illegal in Telangana. Residents cannot engage in any form of betting in Telangana under the Telangana Gambling Act of 2017.

As such, Telangana has become the first state in India to completely ban online betting. Anyone caught betting in Telangana may be arrested and fined.

In the recent past, foreign-based online betting sites have opened their doors to Indian players who live in states that are more lenient when it comes to online betting. However, such online betting sites are also deemed illegal in Telangana.

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Any betting activity that takes place within the state is considered a criminal offence. The penalties include imprisonment for upto one year and a fine of Rs. 10,000. Penalties for repeat offenders may go even higher.


As you can clearly see, online betting laws in Telangana are extremely strict.

The gambling laws of the state are some of the most restrictive in India, as they make it totally impossible for Telangana residents to engage in any form of online betting.

Remember that all states in India have different betting laws, so if you want to start betting online, it is crucial to ensure that you are in a state where online betting is legal. #KhabarLive #hydnews