Making any business blossom and turn into a multimillion-dollar business requires work, dedication, and passion.

Multi-million-dollar company Value Marketing has always focused on earning the trust of its customers rather than just making money.

There’s the good old saying “if you build it, it will come”. These are very powerful words to live by and it’s all part and parcel of what gets Shojaei out of bed in the morning. As with all things good, nothing remains stagnant, and Reza lives by this philosophy.

Reza had suffered huge losses when his face-to-face direct sales company failed to take off. However, that did not deter him and rather than brooding on the reasons for the failure, he decided to launch another venture.

He went ahead with iGaming and today his parent brand bought, the leading casino site in the entire Scandinavian market for €10.5M. Thereby making brand to be recognized as one of the top Online Casino Affiliate sites in the global market. Further expanding to Sweden, Shojaei recently launched Swedish Casino Casinoutanlicens. He explains that the attitude should be that when one business venture does not turn out well, you can change gear and start something else.

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According to Reza, there were countless apprehensions on how the business will scale. However, within a short span of time, the business grew multi-fold, marking the journey of a multi-millionaire.

Under the brand Value Marketing, presently Shojaei’s multimillion-dollar business caters to online gamers. The brand has Casino Affiliate Sites that share unbiased, reliable, and trustworthy reviews, recommending high quality sites that users can depend on.

Reza states that a business cannot succeed if it does not solve a problem or cater to demand. His website is now present in over 100 markets across the globe, works with a team of reviewers, content creators, creative team and others to provide valuable guidance and solutions for gamers.

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He reveals that several companies don’t make profits in the initial years.

To ensure that one doesn’t lose sight of the road to profitability, some important questions that need answers are — What are the revenues, how much is the cash flow (liquidity), working capital and cost cutting, areas that need more investments etc.

He adds, you can make millions and yet be broke. It is therefore necessary to focus on profits. Also, as business grows, there will be a need to hire talent to take on responsibilities of the business in full throttle.

According to Reza, sales should not be the only factor that drives business growth. One should not forget their old clients who are your top brand advocates.

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He states that providing customers, a service or product they need, makes selling easier. Also, if you price it correctly, it will boom. Right price is a valuable key point.

He informs that charging too little will devalue your business and charging too much might make your potential customers turn around on their heels right at the door.

Reza also adds that every profit that the company earns through Value Marketing goes back into the business, so they can hire more people and expand their business. He informs that the company strongly believes in sharing maximum opportunities.

The bottom line is that making any business blossom and turn into a multimillion-dollar business requires work, dedication, and passion. Most importantly, it will not happen overnight. #livehyd #hydnews

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