The first woman Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Madhapur, K Shilpavalli, was overwhelmed when she learned about her new posting.

The first woman Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Madhapur, K Shilpavalli, was overwhelmed when she learned about her new posting. The less-known non-cadre SP rank officer has grown hopeful, ambitious and has devoted herself to the pursuit of curbing cybercrime prevalent in the Madhapur area of Hyderabad’s IT corridor.

The officer speaks to #KhabarLive about her dream to make Madhapur cybercrime-free. Focused on encouraging women to open up against online harassment and cyber fraud, the Vizag born Shilpavalli has been in the police department for over nine years. She has worked with the Intelligence Department and later as admin at Rachakonda, before taking charge as DCP.

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“These days, many people are falling prey to cyber fraudsters. Women, especially college students, are becoming victims of cyber stalkers. Many girl students are getting cheated on social media platforms in the guise of love, marriage and false prestige,” says Shilpavalli.

Aware of the fact that it is not possible for her to go to every home and ask parents to warn their daughters, the officer plans to hold awareness campaigns to enlighten the teenagers. “Women are already opening up against crimes and are approaching police to file complaints, yet we need to work on strengthening their trust. This would need sensitising police personnel when it comes to women complainants. For this, I want to make the staff aware about how to handle such cases so that women feel free to seek their help,” she says.

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Shilpavalli believes that conviction in women-related cases is crucial after all the agony the victims go through. “The victims will believe in police when there is conviction in the cases lodged. Bringing justice to the victims with conviction will instil more confidence in them,” she says.

The DCP is amazed by the challenging responsibilities women shoulder these days, and wants to ensure a safe and secure workplace for them. “Once the work-from-home phase ends, the women workforce that resides and works in the Madhapur zone will be ensured safety. Companies will be made to verify cab drivers who pick up and drop the women office-goers,” she says.

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She also plans to scan all the past cases reported in the Madhapur zone to identify the crime hotspots and install CCTV cameras accordingly.

The cop opines that the SHE Teams and Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) are already working efficiently. She is confident that these two units would help her teams when required. In conclusion, Shilpavalli recalls her training days: “I was always enthusiastic during physical training — most women find these sessions challenging. I enjoyed the practice sessions.” #KhabarLive #hydnews