Hyderabad is a bustling city that offers a blend of historic charm and modern comfort. The city is home to numerous famous monuments as well as thrilling entertainment parks which makes it not only an amazing place to live, but also a dazzling tourist spot. 

Popular city monuments like Char Minar and Golconda Fort take you back in time and allow you to experience the historic remnants of the Nizam kingdom. 

On the more contemporary side, theme parks like Ramoji Film City and Lumbini Park offer a first class entertainment experience for families and couples alike. 

The world-famous dining and shopping options found in Hyderabad makes the city a magnet for international and Indian tourists alike. 

However, many tourists looking for a classy holiday often pose the question: are there any casinos in Hyderabad? And in this article, we aim to answer that very question.

Casinos in Hyderabad

Are you a resident of Hyderabad? Or are you going to the city for a much needed vacation? Then you may be wondering if Hyderabad is the home to any casinos.

The answer is no, unfortunately, there are no legal casinos in Hyderabad. 

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Physical casinos in India are only legal in Goa, Sikkim & Daman.

According to the central gambling laws of India (Public Gambling Act of 1867), gambling venues such as casinos are illegal in India – however, more recently state governments have been allowed to implement more or less restrictive legislation when it comes to gambling.

Some states (like Goa) have made gambling increasingly legal and accessible, while other states (like Telangana) have gone in the opposite direction, making gambling and casinos less accessible.

As such, the casinos you may find in Hyderabad are underground gambling houses which operate illegally. It is strongly recommended that you stay away from these illegal gambling venues at all costs. If you patronise a gambling venue in Telangana you may be liable to criminal prosecution.

How Can Hyderabadis Play Casino Games Legally?

Although gambling is largely outlawed in Hyderabad (indeed in the whole state of Telangana), there are a few legal alternatives that Hyderabadis can use to play casino games.

If you want to engage in a bit of carefree and fun casino gambling, the best option for Hyderabadis is to visit the state of Goa, which is just a short 1-hour flight from Hyderabad.

In Goa, casinos operate legally, and both local state residents, as well as tourists from India and from all over the world can come to the state to indulge in the many available casino games legally.

Travelling to Goa for the purpose of gambling is totally legal and acceptable, and you won’t be breaking any Indian laws by doing so.

The other option for Hyderabadis who want to gamble is to use online casinos. However, if you live in Hyderabad (or anywhere else in Telangana), we do not recommend that you use online casinos.

According to MyOnlineCasinos, the trusted source on online casinos in India, online gambling is illegal in the state of Telangana.


If you’re looking to play casino games legally, you need to visit or relocate to a different state in India. Both online and physical casinos are currently not legal in Hyderabad/Telangana.

However, by visiting a state like Goa, you too can experience the glamour and the excitement of a real world casino.

Or if you visit a neighbouring state like Karnataka, you can use online casinos legally and without fear of legal repercussions! #KhabarLive #hydnews