There are two kinds of betting systems present in the world of betting – sports betting exchange and fixed-odds sportsbook. The differences between these sports betting exchanges and fixed-odds sportsbooks will be discussed in this article. 

What Do You Mean by Sports Betting Exchange? 

Instead of betting against a bookmaker, individuals of a betting exchange can bet against one another. Users can both offer and request odds from other bettors. 

A betting exchange, unlike conventional bookmakers, takes no uncertainty in running headlong with bettors on marketplaces. Sites like Mountbet create a forum for customers to match wagers against one another and take a tiny commission on prize money. 

Betting exchanges have become a more important part of the international gambling scenery, giving consumers the best odds, more clarity, and more innately equitable expertise in many instances. 

How Does It Work?

Lay betting is available on betting exchanges. This entails betting on a team to lose instead of a team that will win. Every bet put on a betting exchange is two bets: one for the selection to win and another for the same choice to lose.

Suppose an individual needs to bet 1,000 INR on a horse to come out on top at 10/1 and make a 10,000 INR profit, that person needs somebody to wager 10,000 INR at 1/10 to earn 1,000 INR.

What Is a Fixed-Odds Bookmaker?

Fixed-odds betting is a type of betting in which you bet against odds set by a bookie. It entails placing a wager on an event whose payout does not fluctuate.

How Does It Work?

Fixed-odds gambling typically requires knowledge of the odds at the time of wagering, but the classification also involves wagers whose value is set once the race or sport begins.

It’s best suited for bookies to price/mark up a book so the result is in their favour: the total amount of the possible outcomes cited for all potential scenarios will be greater than 100%. In the case of an equitable book, the surplus over 100% denotes profit to the bookmaker.

Difference Between Sports Betting Exchange and Fixed-Odds Bookmaker

  • More Value Is Associated with Better Odds

When placing bets with a bookie, you can just wager on the odds they provide, which also include their percentage – and can be as high as 20%. They unfairly price markets in their favour. 

Due to its nature as a peer-to-peer platform, a betting exchange provides more challenging odds than a bookmaker because the market is powered by supply and demand, leading to better and more competitive odds. This means that when you choose an exchange above a bookmaker, you can earn more money for the same wager. This is one of the potent reasons why sports betting is becoming popular in India.

  • Betting Margin vs. Commission

Smarkets as well as other betting exchanges charge fees to enable peer-to-peer wagering on the exchange.

For any market, sites like Smarkets and Mountbet charge a low commission rate on the gross winnings (usually 2-5%). You do not have to pay fees if you lose money on a trade.

Betting exchanges can provide a much more accurate reflection of each outcome’s true chances by not depending on margins. As a result, even when commission is factored into the probability, Smarkets are frequently the best-priced throughout the market.

  • Back and Lay

When placing bets with a bookmaker, you can only support the winner; meanwhile, betting exchanges enable users to both ‘back’ and ‘lay’ a result, allowing them to act as a ‘bookmaker’ by establishing odds for an occasion or as a ‘customer’ by supporting the chances set by other exchange consumers.

This allows you to trade roles on the stock exchange like a dealer would, evaluating the market as the incident progresses from pre-game to in-play, offering you more opportunities to find revenue and profit.

  • You Can Make Your Odds

When you wager with a bookmaker, you are limited to the odds that the oddsmakers have fixed for you to wager on.

Rather than being restricted to these rates and only being able to back the outcome, the betting exchange allows users to compete head-to-head and generate their likelihood – one backing and one laying.


To conclude, these are some of the most striking differences between sports betting exchange and a fixed-odds sportsbook. A betting exchange is a smart platform to place your bets on, whether you’re an informal bettor, a serious sports bettor, or a trader. Unlike conventional bookmakers, the betting exchange gives gamblers more betting options, better odds, and rarely account restrictions. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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