The sudden cardiac deaths in the young age people are increasing these days. Even those who are health conscious too are succumbing to the cardiac arrest due to blood clots in their heart.

The best example is the famous Kannada actor Punith Rajkumar, who died of cardiac arrest in 2021. He was just 46 when he died. And, recently, the young and most  energetic Andhra Pradesh Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy, who died of cardiac arrest on February 21. He was just 51. Apart from thousands of cases reported these days.

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Both Punith Rajkumar and Goutham Reddy are health and fitness conscious people and they do regular exercise. The common factor was the stress levels and discomfort in their lifestyles according to informed sources.

But the death came early in the form of cardiac arrest. In both the cases or in 50 per cent of such cases the death rate is higher among people below the age of 50 years, according to noted cardiologist Dr P Ramesh Babu in Hyderabad.

The changing life styles and mental stress caused by the work, leads to 30 per cent of blood clots, Dr Ramesh Babu found in the course of his four decades of clinical service in cardiology.  The stressed youth is the main target to this dangerous disease. Apparrntly, women are less in cardiac diseases.

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People having 50 per cent or above blood clots get symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and get the clinical assistance.

But, people with 30 to 40 per cent blood clots don’t get any caution or any symptom of uneasiness or cardiovascular discomfort. Since they don’t get any caution or warning, they don’t go for clinical assistance.

But, these 30 per cent blood clot escalates to 100 per cent due to stress and the person collapses in first one hour, Dr Ramesh Babu analysed the cardiac deaths reported these days.

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So, it is time for everyone to keep an eye on their heartbeat or even go for cardio tests to give clinical assistance even those who don’t feel the pain or get cardiac symptoms. #KhabarLive #hydnews