Raising tough horns after the initial euphoria over Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, and his subsequent ill-governance as well as lack any commitment to the country and its people for the past eight years, the question arising in the minds of the general public is: Who will stop this evil juggernaut, which is trampling upon the entire nation, its people, its economy, secular fabric, democratic spirit, ethical and age- old value system, both in private and public life?

Till recently, it appeared that, though most people in the country want to get rid of the BJP-led rule at the Centre under Narendra Modi’s watch, they were in search of a formidable David who could take on this mighty Goliath. At last, they found the answer in TRS president and Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao!

KCR, by his recent fiery statements against PM Modi and his ill-conceived governance for the past eight years, has already taken Modi head-on. He did not mince words while launching a scathing attack on Modi, sending BJP leaders, cadre, and blind followers of Modi into a tizzy.

A close look at the manner in which KCR tore into Modi and some of his party leaders during his public meetings at Jangaon and Bhongir would make his message loud and clear. To send the message straight across to Modi, KCR spoke in Hindi too, making his stand very clear. The rightful outbursts of KCR should be seen from the standpoint of the obvious concerns he has for the country, its progress, and its well-being.

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After criticising Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s unsavoury comments against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, KCR demanded his resignation and asked Modi and BJP president Nadda to immediately dismiss Biswa.

Pointing out that BJP had no culture, KCR said that the Assam CM had asked Congress MP and AICC leader Rahul Gandhi as to whom he was born. Rahul belongs to a family that saw his grandmother and father sacrifice their life for the country.

“Is this the BJP culture? Is this what the Vedas, the Ramayana have taught us,” he said. It is the duty of the Opposition to raise certain issues in Parliament and, as part of that, Rahul had raised certain questions during his speech. He demanded that Biswa be sacked. “Mera sar sharm se jhuk gaya… mere aankh se aansu nikle… ye galat baat hai. Ek MP ke sath aisa bol sakte kya. Hindu dharm ko bech kar vote maagne wale aap gande log ho,” he added with telling effect.

KCR also said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone mad. He has lost his balance. During his eight-year rule he has ruined the country. GDP has gone down, internationally the name and fame of the country has been affected. No section is happy under the BJP rule.

Referring to the hijab row in Karnataka, KCR said: “Religious hatred is being spread fast and if BJP is not taught a lesson, they will convert Karnataka into another Kashmir valley.” He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP of behaving like “Rakshas and converting the country’s top IT Hub Bengaluru into Kashmir Valley and thereby damaging the spirit of the country.” KCR said the US had Christian majority, but there was no religious fundamentalism there. But here the BJP was resorting to religion-based politics and was trying to divide people on basis of religion and was spreading hatred among communities.

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KCR claimed that he had files relating to a huge list of corruption cases at the central level and that more information was pouring in on graft. For, Modi had only been making noise, but could not control corruption. He failed to act even against those who had duped banks. He only promoted his friends. KCR said TMC leader Mamata Banerjee spoke to him, recently. Earlier, other CMs like Uddhav Thackeray and MK Stalin, also spoke to him on the autocratic rule of Modi, he claimed.

KCR said, “Modi did nothing for any section of population in the country. In terms of poverty, he has been taking wrong decisions, and the lockdown during Covid-19 was one such thoughtless decision. The migrant labour was worst affected and when other parties tried to help them to go back, he (Modi) accused us of contributing to the spread of corona. The country has 4-lakh MW of power generation, but no state is having 24-hour power supply because of faulty policies of the Centre. Now he wants to charge power consumed by farmers and is insisting that meters be fixed to agriculture borewells. About 6,500 tmc feet of water is available, but only half of it is used. Still, inter-state water disputes could not be resolved. Is it not a bad water policy?” he asked.

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KCR said Modi could not solve the problem of unemployment. Even industrial production had gone down. Citing official figures supposed to be official; he said industrial production was just 4.4% in September, 4.4% in October and 0.4% in November. During the BJP regime 15-16 lakh industrial units had been closed down. “It is an utter flop government and we don’t need them and hence it’s time to throw them out of power,” he added. KCR said if the Modi government was not checked, the country would turn into a graveyard.”This is not your father’s property,” he thundered. The Chief Minister said that no section of society had progressed during the eight-year BJP rule.

“The BCs, the weavers, the poor, the farmers — no one is happy,” he said. Now the air is cleared and the battlegrounds are drawn. KCR will take on the Delhi dispensation, come what may!

As for doubting Thomases, when KCR took up the Telangana statehood cause, the similar doubts and apprehensions were raised. Yet, the outcome is there for everyone to see. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Remember the Biblical David and Goliath fable. Davids always win! #KhabarLive #hydnews