The cinema tickets selling under government hammer already turned into debatable topic with several factors. Now, this episode takes caste-wise exemptions and favors creating trouble to Jagan government in Andhra Pradesh.

What does the focus over a film star turned politician who was proved nothing in the last electoral battle by a well matured political figure who emerged as a ruler with 86% seats in the assembly mean? Reason may be that he is  still enjoying popularity by virtue of prominent figure in the tinsel world and having capability of influencing general public over the key issues besides garnering support from every possible quarter of the society against the government.

The aforesaid picture is unfolding in Andhra Pradesh with the concentrated efforts of government headed by YS Jaganmohan Reddy on cine actor Pawan Kalyan regarding increase of ticket prices in cinema theatres. The Jagan government has already brought a specific G.O#35 regarding that issue claiming the ‘self projected point’ of making the entertainment for common people at cinema halls at an affordable rates.

It would have been fine and dignified manner if the issue could find a conclusion by simply issuing concerned G.O without any ‘follow up’ things. The entire staff of government from related departments swung into action by camping at numerous cinema theatres where Pawan Kalyan ‘s latest movie Bhimla Naik is screened. Big cinemas of top ranking stars getting released with specific assurance of increase in ticket prices hitherto probably with the acceptance of successive governments.

There is a specific situation prevailed that hero’ s remuneration naturally comes from the collections of first day itself. Because of this reason only makers of big films simply rely on this issue of increasing ticket prices in theatres. Jagan government in Andhra Pradesh ‘paid ‘ needful attention on this issue and decided to stop giving permissions for screening of benefit shows and providing fecility to increase ticket prices for few days from the date of release of films.

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Telugu film fraternity has been divided into two groups for and against the state’s government.

Influence of caste factor on film field is simply not ruled out with every insider of the Telugu film industry. During initial years of Telugu film industry, there was a lot of  influence of caste over cine industry. After shining like a leading light of film industry for more man 30years, NTR entered into politics only to rule another world i. e politics. He launched his own political out fit in 1982 with an aim of putting down the curtains for Congress’ era and  becoming chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Within 9-months of launching political party Telugu Desam, he created history by stunning victory over Congress with 200-plus seats in 294-member house in AP assembly. Since then politics and film industry got entangled with each other and successive chief ministers had shown their influence over film industry by controlling things by appointing their trusted men in the post of Film Development Corporation (FDC). It has almost become ritual for film industry to be in good books of chief minister by felicitating him on grand scale.

Needs of film industry such as the  issues needs to be addressed by the government for proper redressal, were to be brought to the notice of chief minister collectively and those are duly solved by the head of the government. Participation of popular stars NTR and ANR was quiet natural on every occasion.

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The Telugu film industry had an elaborate meeting with the then chief minister Kasu Bhrahmananda Reddy at a star hotel in Madras (now Chennai) during his visit to this South Indian film capital in those days. There was no existence of another group in film industry probably for criticising ruling parties.

Coming back to the present scenario of tinsel world, Reddy community has been trying to get hold on the film industry affairs through the cooperation extended by the government headed by Jaganmohan Reddy. With the emergence of Chiranjeevi, his younger brother Pawan also enjoying the star status. Another star Allu Arjun came from in-laws family of Chiranjeevi. With this development, Kapu community is also having say on the affairs of film industry. But no prominent Reddy face can be seen here.

Pawan is being cornered by several ministers in Jagan government on the occasion of releasing the latter’s new film Bhimla Nayak. G.O#35 is appears to be become a hurdle for the makers of big movies that ensures flow of funds in the name of their picture. Pawan draws comparison this issue with the increase of wealth that could reach maximum people.

Pawan’s every moment gets significance with regard to taking on the government and its policy. Refering to the ‘cautious attitude’ shown by government staff at cinema theatres for ensuing strict implimentation of G.O#35.

Why shouldn’t the same staff keep a strict vigil at every sand reach in the state where crores of rupees which are meant to go to government are being siphoned allegedly by the cadres of ruling YSR Congress party.

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There is support from general public when anybody cutting across the party lines questioned the government’s unpardonable silence over possible slashing of prices of cement, iron etc. Pawan’s party Jana Sena (JSP) has been focussing on these issues and seeking public opinion.

Actually, dealing with Pawan factor is non issue for the leadership of YSR Congress. But the popularity and base by virtue of prominent film actor will be forever. Because of this reason only he could with stand his position of being torch bearer atleast for some sections of society. Garnering support from various sections  may be continuous act  on part of Pawan in view of popularity of government is at stake with every passing day.

That’s why government is compelled to be attentive towards Pawn who is capable of uniting Kapu community against Jagan. The person who lost his two seats he contested in last elections, now being given ‘rousing reception’ at every place. In this way Jagan is seems to be focussing his attention on a person who got 18assembly seats in 2009. This development indicates that Pawan is getting self confidence of becoming more stronger in days to come with the attention being paid by the chief minister Jagan.

While boasting its 151 seats winning, ruling party is concentrating on the person who lost his two seats he contested  from bhimavaram and gajuvaka. Ruling party appears to have recognised Pawan as a formidable force in future! #KhabarLive #hydnews