Some regional parties like TRS and TMC which are aiming to enter national politics with a bang and rewrite the Constitution and usher in ‘golden times’ for Bharat have extended support to the bandh since it would help in upping the ante against BJP.

Do political parties think people are dumb and blind? Anti-BJP parties are going to enforce Bharat Bandh on Monday and Tuesday. They feel the Central government is anti-people, anti-farmer and anti-federal. Its decisions are adversely affecting the common man, they say.

Certainly, the hike in petrol and diesel prices has a cascading effect on all essential goods, for which the Centre is to be blamed squarely. However, it is understandable if Congress or left parties raise a hue and cry. But the support of many regional parties which are in power in states like West Bengal and Telangana somewhat seems to be more of a political game and nothing beyond that.

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The TRS held dharnas against the recent hike in petrol prices. “We had predicted this long back. The BJP government at Center did not hike the petrol prices during the last three months in view of the assembly elections in five states, UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur. This shows how anti-people the BJP is. It should roll back the prices or else TRS will continue its agitation,” the pink party said. The BJP defended itself saying they have no role in the price hike and that it is not possible to roll it back.

But what is shocking is at the state level. The TRS had first hiked the rates of bus tickets including those of bus passes by over Rs 20 to Rs 50. Then it went in for hike in power tariff. Certainly, March to June being peak summer season, the power consumption would be high, and it does put an extra burden on the exchequer. But the government feels that this move is justified as it has to pay high amounts for power purchase from available sources.

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Close on the heels of power tariff hike likely between Rs 5 and Rs 10 a unit, denizens are in for another shock as the even Water Board mulls raising water tariff. It says power tariff hike would impose a burden of Rs 80 crore to Rs 120 crore on the cash-strapped utility. Besides, it says the last time the water tariff was hike was way back in 2011.

Regional parties should explain if such hike in power, bus or water tariffs is pro-people. Won’t this move cause further soaring of essential items? Do they have any right to criticise the Centre or hold dharnas, while burning a much bigger hole in the pockets of the common man?

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The States cannot have duel standards. If they feel that it is inevitable for them to hike the prices, how can they criticise the central government? A wrong is a wrong whoever does it. Another malaise in our political system in the last decade is that regional ruling parties want to corner the Centre in Parliament, even by creating ruckus.

But in their states, they do not brook any protests against hike in tariffs of public utilities. No one should question them is their refrain. The minute Opposition members raise such issues, they are suspended either for the day or the entire session.

Hence, the big question is which of the two devils should one choose – the known or the unknown. How trustworthy are the unknown devils? #KhabarLive #hydnews