The inspirational journey of these three dynamic entrepreneurs makes your live happy and comfortable. Let’s check the journey of three women entrepreneurs who have touched the lives of many with their natural and affordable.

Hyderabad has fast become a hub for start-ups. Many turned entrepreneurs during the first wave of the pandemic. Let’s check the journey of three women entrepreneurs who have touched the lives of many with their natural and affordable skin, hair care products, and ayurvedic concoctions.

While two brands are already well-established and have penetrated the markets, one start-up is run by a teenager who chanced upon her business while doing a project. With an increasing demand for all things natural of late and many becoming environment-conscious, the timing was just perfect for these three entrepreneurs.

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In fact, people have tried everything from natural soaps to ayurvedic drinks to fight the pandemic, and this provided business to the three women who were already in the business of providing user-friendly products at affordable prices. All three of them insist that their products cost nothing when compared to exorbitantly costly foreign branded cosmetics and are also skin and body-friendly.

Seethala was doing her BBA course when she got the idea as a part of their school project. Saka and Sasa Organics is a one-year-old start-up that has a huge product range from lip balms, soaps, herbal oils to natural body powders, and more. She says she has been part of various initiatives like Aromale pop-ups and Lamakaan Sunday market. She also has a physical store at Klimom Farm Cafe. She believes in 100% zero waste, natural and locally-sourced ingredients, and handmade.

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Another entrepreneur happens to be Renji Anooj, who hails from a family of ayurvedic practitioners and doctors. Her brand Sesha Ayurvedic is 100% natural, 100% cruelty-free, and free from parabens, silicones, petroleum derivatives, artificial color, and artificial fragrances. Though she lives in Hyderabad, all her products come from Kerala. She says they have sought-after products such as kumkumadi tailam, neelibringadi intensive hair treatment oil, and kasturi manjal, a type of turmeric that is very good for the skin.

Then comes brand Suganda, which was founded by Bindu Amrutham when she was looking for a cure for her child’s eczema. She was also looking for a cure for her acne. So, she started studying skincare and also did many certificate courses. A B-Tech and an MBA graduate, she now produces cleansers, serums, face oils, and moisturizers. She shares that she only uses products that do not cause harm to the environment. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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