Telangana chief minister KCR’s declaration of war on political system on TRS party’s 21st anniversary, has come out with its political agenda and it is to go alone even at the national level in the next elections as a brand name of ‘Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi’.

If one reads between the lines of the speech of TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao, it is now clear that the pink party will spread its wings to the North by floating a new political outfit which may be known as Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS). The TRS, which was so far exploring the possibility of realignment of political forces or to have an alliance with a new front, seems to have concluded that it was not possible to unite all these parties.

The USP of the TRS during the next elections if it forms a new party would be to showcase what it calls the Telangana model of development. Their tag line could be ‘Golmaal Sarkar hatao Desh Bachao’. As a first step, it will construct a new TRS office which would have all ultra-modern facilities in New Delhi.

If one reads between the lines of the speeches of TRS leaders, they want to showcase what they call ‘Bangaru Telangana’ (Golden Telangana model v/s Modi’s Golmaal model). To what extent the TRS would be successful in its strategies to impress the northern belt and catapult KCR on to national stage as Desh ki Neta, only time will tell. But there are clear pointers that a new political outfit called Bharatiya Rashtra Samiti may be formed.

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It will go to the people explaining how not only China but how even smaller countries like Israel, Austria and Singapore are excelling in terms of development because they work with development as an agenda. In India, it is unfortunate that the country is moving in an aimless manner and lost direction to achieve growth.

They will tell the people, if voted to power they will replicate the Telangana model at national level.

It appears that after seeing the cold response from other parties and after consultations with his old friend and political strategist Prashant Kishor for two days in his farm house ahead of the plenary, KCR apparently has come to the conclusion that he should test the waters in politics of North India. He will be projected as a leader who not only created history in politics but a leader who even carved out the geography of a state after a prolonged agitation.

The fact is that the politics of North India are different from those in south. But then one should not underestimate KCR who has been a shrewd strategist and politician. In a very strategic manner, he had even liberally used the name of the founder president of TDP, N T Rama Rao, to attack the institution of Governor.

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However, caste plays a major role in politics in north. Though KCR and his family members are well-versed in Hindi, it is not an easy task to grab the attention of voters of north where the Hindi dialect keeps changing and the belt is ridden with caste politics. North Indians still treat anyone on this side of Vidhyas only as Madrasis.

If TRS thinks that it can become another AAP in north Indian politics, it could cause little disappointment to them. Making inroads into the Hindi belt is not an easy task. But then on a positive note, one should always take the first step to conquer a battle.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong in having high aims and ambitions and TRS can afford to try its luck in the next general elections. Whether it makes any significant mark there or not, it may help the pink party divert the attention of people in Telangana and there is a possibility that it may even reduce the impact of anti-incumbency factor in the state.

This may help them to get behind the steering wheel for a third consecutive term. Politics is a dynamic situation and now it seems it will become more and more curious and will keep print and electronic media on their toes.

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The pink party would launch a massive attack on BJP and Congress during its campaign in North and will try to explain how the NDA government’s policies were lopsided.

Sending BJP home is the single point agenda on which the TRS is going to focus from now onwards. In all probability, it will not have any alliance or will stop making any efforts in the direction of realignment of forces. The pink party is a little upset over the cold response it has been getting from some of the parties such as TMC and NCP led by Sharad Pawar. It has set a big agenda before itself to take a plunge into national politics.

Party leaders said that an exercise to work out a detailed action plan on how to take up the campaign was under discussion because just quoting figures of GSDP etc may not help in attracting the voters. They need some concrete promises and that is what the party leaders were looking into, sources said.

As a national party launch, the ground level committes made to draw a sketch and the Delhi TRS Bhavan construction will complete with the opening of new party launch. A planning, execution and implementation committee are already swung into action to make the party strong and stable. #KhabarLive #hydnews