A long standing cold-war between Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has finally reached the Prime Minister’s Office and erupted many untidy statements which is likely to trigger a new political controversy.

Who is ignoring whom? Is the State government ignoring the Governor or is it otherwise? Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, according to sources, was unhappy with the functioning of the Governor for various reasons. He feels that Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan had ignored mentioning about developmental activities in the State and instead praised the Union government during her Republic Day speech.

KCR feels that the Governor had ignored the Telangana government in many instances and approached the Union government directly on health-related issues. Instead of making suggestions to strengthen the health sector, the Governor was moving against the State government, the Chief Minister reportedly feels. Sources said that KCR was also not happy with the decision of the Governor to launch Praja Darbar to address the grievances of common people without informing the government.

Already, some ministers have started talking openly about what they call as misusing of Raj Bhavan for political purposes by the BJP. Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy on Wednesday said that when politics enter Raj Bhavan they know how to protect the State and party.

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KCR, who is also in Delhi, had a meeting with a few available leaders and MPs and discussed the issues raised by the Governor before the Prime Minister. Soon, he would come out with a strategy to counter this, party leaders claim.

Meanwhile, Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan who is in Delhi meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed her grief over Telangana Chief Minister’s attitude.

“It is not a question about Governor as an individual; the office of the Governor should be respected.”

This was the concern and feelings expressed by Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan.

During her 20-minute meeting with the Prime Minister, the Governor is said to have expressed concern over the recent violations of protocols like doing away with the customary joint address of the State Assembly, officials allegedly not turning up during her visits to districts and ignoring her invitations for various programmes, including the recent Ugadi celebrations at Raj Bhavan.

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“There may be some decisions which are not accepted by the Governor. Does that mean that the Governor’s office should be insulted? That the Governor’s protocol should be violated, and Governor should not be taken care of when she goes to districts on a tour? Collector should not come. SP should not come. Is there any rule like that?” she said.

The Governor remarked, “I am a friendly person, ready to extend my help to anybody.”

“I am not a controversial person at all. It is not meant that whatever is the appeal from the government, I should accept it. As a constitutional head, I have my opinion. I always go by the system and law,” she said.

“When I go by that (system and law), if it is taken in a different way and if the government wants to insult the Governor, I am not worried much about that. But, the office of the Governor should be respected. It is not (about) Tamilisai. I leave this to the people of Telangana and to the people of the country,” Soundararajan said.

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Asked about her not giving assent to a candidate suggested by the government for nomination to the Legislative Council under Governor’s quota, Soundararajan said she cannot be forced to take a decision on the matter and that she was not satisfied with the ‘service’ credentials of the nominee.

She said she had not made any controversial statements and always wanted to maintain good relations with the State government. I am not perturbed by anyone.” As a Constitutional head, she said, “I will go by law.”

She also brought to the notice of the PM the fast-growing drug culture in Telangana particularly in Hyderabad and the poor health infrastructure in the State. She also explained to the PM about the plight of the Tribal community in Telangana.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister is said to have been miffed over the meeting the Governor had with the Prime Minister and this is now likely to trigger a new political controversy. #KhabarLive #hydnews