Hyderabad metro is one of the busiest public carrier nowadays. The life in metro also faster changing like Mumbai local train rush on peak hours.

Many IT companies in Hyderabad are bidding goodbye to the Work from Home culture. Employees have started coming to the offices and the IT corridor is once again getting cramped with people. To help them commute to the office, Hyderabad Metro Rail announced increasing the frequency of trains to one every three minutes.

Even though that looks nice, it is not the end of the ordeals commuters face. All the metro trains are crammed with people. We can see them traveling by standing and some of them are also doing footboard-like journeys like how it is on RTC buses or Mumbai local trains. This has become a common sight on trains during peak hours.

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Commuters say the travel has become unsafe, especially with COVID cases increasing once again. The frequency of trains has increased but the number of coaches for each train remains very less.

As a result, there is a huge rush and the coaches are cramped. HMRL should focus on increasing the number of coaches for each train. Metro authorities to take a quick note to this alarming changing trend to avoid any untoward incidents. #KhabarLive #hydnews