Several sports exist in India, with many players and fans enjoying these sports. However, as a sport, cricket stands out for many reasons in India.

Sports is one of the many means of entertainment that Indians consider. From football to soccer and cricket, there’s a lot you can watch in India. However, cricket seems to be the most popular in India of all these sports. The expansion of the Indian Premier League and how many stars it has produced continues to validate the popularity of this sport.

The Popularity of Cricket In India

The question has always been the same for a random person: Why is cricket so popular in India? To answer this question, we decided to examine the game of cricket, how it is played, and what fascinates Indians.

How is Cricket Played?

Cricket is played by two teams of eleven players, where each team takes turns at batting and fielding. The goal is to score as many points as possible against the opposition team. Cricket is played on an oval field with an inner rectangular pitch bordered by a fence, rope, or lines. Although a team comprises eleven players, only two are allowed to be on the field per time.

What Makes Cricket Unique?

Unlike other sports such as football or basketball, cricket is not a fast-paced game. It requires a lot of strategy and planning, not done on paper or secret. In the middle of a cricket game, it is very common to see team members and their coaches discussing and planning actively. It is also a game with its language, which gives those who know about it a sense of being special like it is with the IPL 2022 cup rate.

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A novice to the game may find it incomprehensible but enjoys it better as they begin to understand the game. One other unique feature of cricket is the time it takes for each game or tournament. A game could take hours until a winner is produced. There is no extended delay between one game and the other, which keeps fans engaged and excited.

What Exactly About Cricket Fascinates Indians?

Indians, like many people in other countries, love the game of cricket. Many Indians believe they have expert knowledge of the game and are naturally predisposed to play it. Some of the reasons why cricket is so popular among Indians include:

  • Some of the very best cricket players globally are of Indian origin. Cricket players such as Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and others who have made a name for themselves in the international cricket community contribute to its popularity. These people have also given professional bettors a lifeline of making money from sports.
  • Due to the game’s popularity, betting platforms often list cricket games among others made available. With the right knowledge and a bit of luck, Indians can win some money predicting the outcome of games and performances of players. This opportunity to win some cash contributes to the game’s popularity among Indians.
  • To have a maximum television audience, cricket games are usually played in the afternoon or evening when most people are back from work. This allows many to enjoy the game with family, friends, and loved ones. It also makes for a reason to relax and, for a while, forget about the hassles of the day.
  • Cricket serves as a binding force for Indians, regardless of political affiliations, cultural tendencies, and other differences. As long as a cricket game is on, walls of differences are down, making it a bonding point for many Indians.
  • Unlike some other sports, cricket games can go on for an extended period. However, the longer it gets, the merrier; the anticipation of fans, the team’s effort, and the quality of individual players are all fun to watch. Nevertheless, there are enough break periods in between for both players and spectators, such that you don’t miss anything. For some, a game of cricket provides the needed relief.
  • Among Indians, cricket is considered the only sport that gives opportunity to every team member to perform well. In football, not everyone can score a goal, but in cricket, everyone has the opportunity to hit the ball.
  • Though an expensive game to organize, cricket has provided many an opportunity to rise to the limelight. Some of the top stars from India started playing the game while in school with no idea that they’d rise to the top. With consistency and the expansion of the Indian Premier League, these stars are globally recognized.
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Even though cricket is quite technical in in-game organization and structure, it enjoys popularity among Indians. Common ground is found through the sport, and Indians find a reason to be proud of their nationality. Many lovers of the game also have an opportunity to predict the outcome of games and make some money from it. If you belong to the category of bettors, you should be careful of the platform you’re betting on. Parimatch is a licensed and trusted platform you can use. Every cricket game is available on the platform, and there are bonuses you can enjoy. #KhabarLive #hydnews