You must have heard the popular saying that content is king. And the skyscraper method of link building takes this idea into account and levages it to help get great natural links from other sites that are relevant to yours. 

Many people have great content, but what distinguishes it is how well site visitors like your content.The strategies for SEO keep changing as Google updates the basis for ranking content but one thing remains the same, if you have high quality content, your site will do well. 

Before the skyscraper method came into the picture, content creators could achieve great results on the search engine result pages using other methods like comment link building, directory link building (5-10 years ago). And even now link building strategies like guest post link building are becoming more risky. 

However, Brian Dean revealed the skyscraper link building strategy in 2015, and it came into the SEO world with full force. In this post, the reasons why you should employ this method in your link building will be explained. 

How does the Skyscraper Link Building technique work? 

Content creation is fast becoming popular, which is why it’s becoming challenging to reach your target audience easily. You have a lot of people in the same niche you have to compete against. The skyscraper technique is born out of the attempts of content creators to uncover new means to make their content reach their target audience. 

People are always attracted to tall buildings, just like sky scrapers. In the same vein, the skyscraper link-building technique helps you come up with content that continually drives traffic to your site via high quality, well researched content. The skyscraper method, as introduced by Brian Dean, is basically a system that turns content into high-quality backlinks.

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It is a content marketing technique that involves looking for the best piece of top-ranking content with a lot of backlinks around a particular keyword and building better content with the sole purpose of offering your content as a backlink replacement to sites that have links to the former content. 

The skyscraper method is a very simple and effective way of creating content that can rank as high as possible on search engine result pages (SERPs). It involves the following major steps: 

Step 1: Find out Content that ranks well for a particular keyword with lots of Backlinks

It is well known that the goal of the skyscraper technique is to create awesome content on a particular keyword that people will find very interesting to engage and share. So it is important to find content that already ranks very high in your niche to start with. 

On search result pages, the highest-ranking content is what you will see as the first search result, which is why it gets enough engagements. Once you’ve discovered this high-ranking content for the keyword, you can now move to the next step. 

Step 2: Come up with better content than anything else on the web

This is a significant step in the skyscraper technique. It involves you critically looking at the content to see various ways in which you can improve the new content you are about to create. The aim is to make sure your new content is better than the best content. 

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To achieve this, you will have to provide your audience with much more detailed information concerning the topic as well as taking user experience into consideration. User experience can be improved by including pictures, videos, and other things to make your content more captivating and engaging. 

The end of it all is to ensure that users see something much more attractive, which is not present in the high high-ranking. Once you can develop more quality content, you are set to carry out the final step for the skyscraper technique. 

Step 3: Promote your content to the right people  

After creating compelling content, this final step is crucial to wrap up the skyscraper technique. You definitely can’t relax after coming up with link-worthy beautiful content on your website, hoping that people will bump into it. You might not get the result you desire. 

So it is vital to promote your content to an audience. You have to find ways of promoting it to websites that have initially linked to the best content for them to link back to your new content. The most effective method of reaching out to those websites is by sending Emails. 

The aim of your Email is to make them see that your new content is much more detailed and juicy than the one they linked to. There are certain Email tools like Mailshake that can make it easy for you since they provide templates. 

3 Major Reasons Why you should Use the Skyscraper Link Building strategy 

Your webpage becomes the authority on the subject of the skyscraper piece 

Due to the amount of work you have put into making your content better than the best in the niche, your comment becomes the most relevant, most interesting, most significant, and the best, which is why everyone will be interested in your webpage. 

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Since your content has successfully provided a better user experience, it becomes a boost in terms of traffic and eventually rankings. Because the target of the skyscraper technique is not just for your content to be one of the best, but the absolute best. 

Using this mindset for all of your content on your site will eventually help your site become very thorough and useful

Since the goal is to make your content stand out and rank better than the best, you will always aim at making your content very detailed and captivating. You will end up going deeper just to beat your competitors. 

It helps you drive more traffic to your website 

The beauty of your content in terms of quality and visuals draws more attention to it, and this increases traffic. And the more you get others to link to your website; the more your audience is increased. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The skyscraper technique is a powerful link-building tactic that guarantees high results if you follow the steps correctly. However, this SEO technique isn’t something you do once and expect great results. You need to keep doing it while trying other ways to do it better with the right SEO tools. #KhabarLive #hydnews