‍‍The vision makes a man perfect likewise, Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao popularly known ad KCR is displaying his image as a perfect nationalist and a hardcore patriot during his recent visit to Punjab and Delhi.

A true nationalist will not utter a word that suggests division of communities within society. Hate and polarisation can never be termed as elements of nationalism. Over time, in the name of patriotism, nationalism has taken the form of extreme thought policing on history and contemporary practices. Some of the resultant beliefs are pushing us backward.

Those standing by the dictum are deemed nationalists and those who do not agree are branded anti-nationals. Students, Chief Ministers, media persons, activists, business heads, or farmers; no one who has countered opinions on growing jingoism has been spared.

While systematically associating religion and nationalism, those in power at the Centre have successfully used the emotion to not only deal with elections, but also tackle critical public issues by deviating from norms.

The shield of nationalism protects them from facing questions on Chinese incursions into Indian territories, house arrests of present and past J & K Chief Ministers, farmers’ protests on Singhu border, Prime Minister seeking votes in the name of ‘Pulwama martyrs’ during the Maharashtra Assembly elections, the orchestrated attack on Dalits in Bhima Koregaon, suspicion on Rafale deal, One Nation, One Language, and many such questions. When they are questioned, those who raise queries are trolled and dubbed as ‘anti-nationals’.

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From 2014 till date, only these have been prominent issues that hogged the limelight, while neither Ache Din nor Vikas is debated. Gas cylinder crossing Rs 1,000, petrol selling at above Rs 100, water crisis, power cuts, sale of Public Sector Units, unemployment across the nation, attacks on Dalits in BJP-ruled states, decline of rupee and things like these are never allowed to be debated.

India has not heard its Prime Minister address these issues, which are relevant to people.When the Government of India was asked about the number of farmers who had died during the period of agitation demanding withdrawal of the controversial farm laws, the Union Minister said in Parliament that there was “no data available”.

This makes it clear that the Centre has no regrets at all over the deaths of poor farmers. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao distributing Rs. 3 lakh to the bereaved families of each of the farmers who died during the agitation, based on the numbers given by the farmer unions, has got tremendous response across several states.

Simultaneously, KCR personally distributing on behalf of Telangana people, Rs. 10 lakh to families of martyrs of Galwan has upheld the spirit of the old slogan that India still believes in: “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”. Governments standing by its farmers and armed forces reflect the true spirit of nationalism.

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KCR, as TRS president, in his recent speech at the party’s plenary, made a distinctive statement on his line of thinking in national politics: that his fight was not against BJP or Congress.

This is a compelling statement because it paves the way for a new thought process and is not mere reactionary politics. The Congress has failed make a comeback because they are not representing core issues and have turned one-day event doers than consistent long-standing ideology believers.

KCR has displayed his nationalistic approach numerous times, be it in working with the Prime Minister during the first pandemic crisis, reaching out to the worried migrant workers whom he called as partners of development, jumping in to help Orissa restore power supply during cyclone Fani, or standing by Kerala at the time of floods.

KCR has not confined his thoughts to Telangana, but has always publicly said “Nation first, Telangana next”. In current politics, leaders spar over languages, food, dress, caste as well as religious practices and are revisiting the Mandir-Masjid politics. The BJP is indulging in the same language and the Congress is not able to overcome its own party crisis with Chintan Shivirs to repair their organisation.

They are not ready to challenge Modi or BJP. On the one side, KCR is not leaving an opportunity to question the autocracy of BJP against states, their anti-people policies; and, on the other side, is simultaneously building a consortium of like-minded forces across India.

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He is one person in contemporary politics who dared to revamp Yadadri temple for the state and rebuild a Masjid along with temple and church at the Telangana Secretariat. He supports S.T girl Ajmeera Bobby for pilot training, he financially supports a Nikhat Zareen who wins gold in World Boxing.

Telangana celebrates Bonalu, Bathukamma, Ramzan, Christmas equally and the Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb is vibrant in the State. Yet KCR does not speak on this from political daises. KCR is talking of making Constitutional provisions to help farmers.

He is focusing on the abundant water resources going waste. He is exploring why some classes are backward economically in India. He is studying why other states are suffering with power cuts, while Telangana offers quality 24-hour free power supply for agriculture.

India has to debate whether a true nationalist divides citizens based on sentiments or unifies all citizens together and enables the massive human force to contribute to the building of the nation. Our country’s wealth is in our people. No hate or policy of division shall break the spirit of this great nation. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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