‍‍A sudden notice served that acute Petrol shortage in Hyderabad and commuters will check fuel before you ride or commute. Several fuel organizations flagged ‘no stocks’ sign, which is a clear sign of concern.

Hyderabad seems heading for a serious shortage of diesel and petrol as oil marketing companies like BPCL are imposing ration in fuel supply while HPCL stopped releasing its stocks on credit basis to petroleum traders. Small-capacity pumps are already dry in several areas.

Though the BPCL has been at it for the last few days and several fuel stations faced short supply as a result, fresh trouble came when HPCL stopped supply on credit basis. This even though the latter charges nearly 18 per cent interest on credit. It wants traders to pay the money in advance in order to release fresh stocks.

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Fuel stations all around the state are experiencing a fuel scarcity, with about 30% less stock than they typically have on hand.

Diesel would be sufficient just for the next three to four days, according to members of the Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association (TPDA). Normally, the stock available in the state can cover the fuel demand for 10 to 15 days

TPDA president M Amarender Reddy said, “There is a shortage of diesel and we are preparing a plan to deal with the situation. The Centre should take a call and address the issue.”

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Joint secretary of the All India Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers, Rajiv Amaram, shared his opinions and stated that fast action was required to satisfy the state’s anticipated fuel needs. The rise in diesel bulk supply prices, which had been hiked by about Rs 22 per litre as part of the normal price variation, was what caused the scarcity.

The main cause for fuel shortage is weakening bilateral relations with gulf countries.

If the fuel shortage continues, the entire machinery will get stopped and lifestyle will see a drastic change. Inflation goes high ad prices soar.

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Central and state governments will act on time to save from this dire situation, and do the needful at the earliest. #hyderabadnews #KhabarLive  #hydnews