Ahead of BJP’s national executive meeting in Hyderabad internal sqabbles and groupism surfaced. Senior leaders of the party’s state unit seem to be battling it out to prove their mettle before the central leadership.

The national executive meeting of the BJP that is happening after 18 years in Hyderabad has brought to the fore the covert groupism within the Telangana unit of the party. The announcement that BJP’s national executive followed by a public meeting would be held in Hyderabad was a shot in the arm for Telangana BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay.

It surprised many within the party that the central leadership had agreed to a request made by him to choose Hyderabad as the venue for the meeting for the party’s highest policy making forum where PM Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda and all others are expected to be present. The announcement bolstered the claim of many leaders that the central leadership is supportive of Bandi Sanjay. While the choice of Hyderabad as the venue is great news for the state’s BJP unit, it resulted in aggravating group rivalry among senior leaders. There is also stiff competition for mobilisation of people for the public meeting, which the party leadership wants to be mammoth.

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While disagreements and friction are common in all parties, the saffron party’s Telangana unit also seems to be witnessing its own share of friction among its leaders. With eyes on the assembly elections in 2023 (amid speculations of early election), senior leaders are trying hard to display their capabilities and support to the central leadership. “Their aim is to showcase themselves as the potential CM candidate,” revealed a source.

Union Minister of Tourism, G Kishen Reddy and state party chief Bandi Sanjay are the serious contenders for the top position in the state while Eatala Rajender is the new entrant. “G Kishen Reddy is trying hard to prove to be the better fit for the position. While Bandi Sanjay could grow because of his hard work and performance, Sanjay’s elevation doesn’t seem to have gone down too well with Kishen Reddy,” revealed the source.

While Former MP and senior BJP leader Jithender Reddy is known to be on Kishen Reddy’s side, DK Aruna, National BJP Vice President, who is also from the Reddy community is believed to be a strong force in Kishen’s camp. However, some in the party differ saying, “DK Aruna is like a cat on the wall. She flows whichever side the water is flowing. She isn’t a contender for the CM’s position.”

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Reddy versus non-Reddy’s being the main theme, within the non-Reddy camp, Eatala Rajender is the potential competitor to Bandi Sanjay. Eatala Rajender who was a six-time MLA and a former minister in KCR’s cabinet won the Huzurabad bypoll after he joined the BJP following his unceremonious ouster from the cabinet over allegations of land grabbing.

Sources say that Eatala has always felt he deserves more in the BJP. “While Eatala has a superiority complex, Bandi Sanjay has an inferiority complex,” alleges a party insider. Eatala’s sudden meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently triggered several speculations. Party insiders reveal that Eatala was counselled by Shah and given assurance about his political future in the party. 

Using the present situation to his advantage, party insiders say Kishen Reddy is backing Eatala in his fight with Bandi Sanjay. “Kishen Reddy is shooting off from the shoulders of both Eatala and Bandi Sanjay. He is often the one fuelling Eatala’s fire,” revealed a party leader in the know of things. Bandi Sanjay is considered as the common enemy to both Kishen Reddy and Eatala Rajender. 

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Party insiders say that Dr K Laxman, National President for BJP’s OBC Morcha and the recent choice of the party for Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh, is now a happy man. Until recently, he also wasn’t too much in favour of Bandi Sanjay, the person who replaced him as the Telangana BJP Chief.   

While all these factors point towards groupism within the saffron party, BJP leaders exude confidence about all being well. “There may be small internal differences and disagreements, but this doesn’t mean anything as BJP is a party that gives no scope for differences and camps,” said a BJP leader. Clearly, though there may be fissures within the party, the BJP leaders maintain that within the party there may be groups because of individual aspirations but on the common goal of dethroning KCR the party stands united. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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