The strongest and cash-rich political party in India named as ‘Telangana Rashtra Samithi’ led by KCR is now worried over district level leadership resignations on internal squabbles and anti-incumbency factors. Meantime, Telangana BJP and Congress parties are timely act of utilization of these factors to deepens the crisis.

Ahead of the Assembly elections, the TRS leadership is worried about leaders leaving the party one after the other. The TRS leadership is more worried about the erstwhile Khammam district as many prominent leaders are leaving the party. Interestingly, the leaders who are resigning from the TRS are showing more interest in joining the Congress than the BJP.

The TRS leadership also thinks that the Congress will be the main opposition in the coming Assembly elections. Compared to other districts, the TRS is weak in Khammam district. Former Aswaraopet MLA Tati Venkateswarlu left the TRS and joined the Congress. Along with Venkateswarlu, Karakagudem ZPTC Kantha Rao also resigned from the TRS and joined the Congress.

According to sources some more senior TRS leaders are also likely to leave the TRS and join the Congress. Some TRS leaders said that it was better to leave the party before the elections. There are two to three leaders in many Assembly constituencies who are in the run for tickets.But only one can get the ticket. So if they continue in the party may backstab the official candidate.

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If such leaders leave the party competition will come down and there will be no possibility of backstabbing the party’s official candidate. In the erstwhile Adilabad district, Manchiryal ZPTC Chairperson N. Bhagyalakshmi and her husband former Chennur MLA  Odelu resigned from the TRS and joined the Congress.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that a former MP from Khammam district, Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, and a former minister from the erstwhile Mahbubnagar district, Jupally Krishna Rao, is also likely to quit the TRS. After the resignation of leaders one after the other, the TRS leadership has woken up and has started taking corrective measures. TRS Working President Minister KT Rama Rao is holding talks with such leaders. KTR recently held talks with former minister Jupally Krishna Rao and former MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy. After resigning from the TRS the comments made by former MLA Tati Venkateswarlu and Bhadradri Kittagudem TRS president Rega Kantha Rao have angered TRS leaders.

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Kantha Rao said that unable to face competition some TRS leaders are resigning from the party and it is not known from which party former MLA Jalagam Venkatrao will contest the next Assembly elections. Former MLA Tati Venkateswarlu is a strong follower of former MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy. Political observers think that the resignation of Tati Venkateswarlu from the TRS signals the exit of Ponguleti from the party.

In other districts also there are differences between TRS leaders and there are many unhappy leaders. Opposition parties like the Congress and the BJP are waiting for them.Even though the Congress has lost two Assembly elections it has some strong leaders in all constituencies. After the resignation of some Congress leaders, second-line leaders were hoping to get party tickets in the next Assembly elections.

BJP’s countdown clock angers TRS, threatens to hit back The BJP’s countdown clock displayed at the BJP’s state office’s main gate here has provoked the TRS. The TRS warned the BJP will face serious consequences if it fails to remove the countdown clock. The BJP put up the countdown clock displaying the message ‘Saalu Dora—Selavu Dora’ and the days and time left for the TRS government. TRS Whip Balka Suman warned that they will display Prime Minister Modi’s digital screen boards across Telangana with wands of sandals. Suman said that the countdown has started for the BJP and not for the TRS. Suman asked the BJP to tell whether any political party will display such digital screen boards at their offices.

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“Will the BJP display such a digital screen board about Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao?” he asked. Balka Suman asked the BJP to explain whether it is KCR who has been helping everyone is the Dora or is it arrogant Modi? Quthbullahpur MLA KP Vivekanand demanded that the BJP should remove the countdown digital screen board as it is an insult to KCR. He warned the BJP that they will display Modi’s digital screen boards with wands of sandals across Telangana. Vikarabad MLA Dr Methuku Anand appealed to the people to display boards in every village showing the welfare schemes introduced by the TRS. #hyderabadnews #KhabarLive #hydnews

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