Survey management software is one of the most essential tools in any marketer’s arsenal. It’s a simple way to collect data, analyze it and present it in a way that makes sense for both you and your audience.

There are a lot of benefits of softwares that you can even think of.  Survey management software can also be used for email marketing and lead generation. Here are the best survey management platforms out there for marketers to use in 2022:


Qualtrics is one of the most popular survey management platforms today. It offers a variety of features to help you collect more data, analyze it and create reports on that data. Qualtrics works with mobile devices, so it will never let you down when it comes time to answer questions on the go. There are many different versions of Qualtrics available, including self-service surveys and enterprise versions that allow companies to send surveys directly from their website without having to go through an agency or third party.


Mentimeter is a product that helps you to create surveys and quizzes. It has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy to use even for beginners. The software has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy to use even for beginners. The software also allows you to create polls, group discussions, and surveys in order to collect data about users’ opinions on various topics. The software allows you to create polls, group discussions, and surveys to collect data about users’ opinions on various topics.

Mentimeter is an online survey management software that can be used by businesses of all sizes. This software helps businesses collect data from their customers using questionnaires and polls to understand their needs better and improve their services accordingly. It also helps them track the results of the surveys over time so that they can identify trends and make relevant changes as required according to these results only.


Mailchimp is an email marketing service that allows you to create and send emails to your customers. It has a free plan and paid plans starting at $10 per month.

Mailchimp’s free plan includes all the features of the paid plans, but it also limits you to send 1,000 emails per month. If you exceed that limit, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans for more features like more subscribers, campaigns with custom landing pages, and more.

Mailchimp also offers different types of lists depending on your needs like a “personal” list which is only available to your subscribers and not shared with anyone else, or a “bulk” list where everyone on your mailing list receives the same message at once.

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Hubspot Forms 

Hubspot Forms is a great survey tool for online marketing and analytics. It’s a free plugin for WordPress, which means you can easily add it to your website.

Hubspot Forms helps you collect data from your customers in real-time, and it automatically creates surveys out of the responses. You can also create multiple surveys to collect different types of information from the same group of people.

You can even build in pre-populated questions so that users don’t need to fill out all those pesky fields by hand.

Hubspot Forms has plenty of other features, including a built-in event calendar and integrated reporting tools so you can see how your respondents are responding over time.

It’s easy to set up and use, but it does have some limitations: You can only use one survey per page on your website, so if you want more than one question per page or more than one response per question, you may have to create multiple pages (or spread them across multiple pages).

Google Forms 

Google Forms is a tool that enables you to collect data from your Google users. You can also use it to create surveys, questionnaires, and polls. The tool is free and easy to use.

Google Forms allows you to drag and drop questions on a form, or connect them with other forms. It has an interactive interface that makes it easy to create surveys that are both informative and fun. It’s also highly customizable so you can use it for any type of survey.

The best part about Google Forms is that it works on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can easily access your forms from anywhere in the world via the cloud-based application for mobile devices or desktops where Google Forms can be installed using a Web browser


Hotjar is a free survey management tool that helps you collect feedback from your visitors. It’s an extremely popular survey tool, and it’s also one of the best options for beginners.

Hotjar’s main feature is its heatmap visualization. Heatmaps are commonly used to track how users interact with a website, but they can also be used to track visitor behavior on specific pages or throughout the app.

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The heatmap feature in Hotjar allows you to see where users click, which parts of your site they look at, and how long they spend there. You can then use this information to make changes to improve your user experience.

Another great feature of Hotjar is its ability to send notifications when someone logs into your account or leaves a comment on their website. This could potentially help you gauge how successful a particular page was or whether you should make changes to it in the future.


Typeform is survey software that can be used to create surveys, polls, and quizzes. You can ask questions and get feedback from your customers in real-time. The software helps you by providing the best tools to collect data from the users.

Typeform offers an all-inclusive solution for your business needs. It has an easy-to-use interface and lets you create multiple forms without any hassle. The survey tool comes with an integrated analytics dashboard that helps businesses analyze their data in real-time.

Typeform also comes with several pre-built templates that make it easier for businesses to use this tool. You can also add your customizations to the template if needed.


SoGoSurvey is a survey management software that has been specially designed for small businesses, freelancers, and job seekers. It helps them to manage their business by collecting data from their customers and clients.

SoGoSurvey is a flexible tool that can be used by anyone who wants to perform market research or customer feedback surveys. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for everyone to use the software. You can easily create multiple surveys without any problem by using this software.

SoGoSurvey also comes with a variety of features that make it easy for you to track responses and analyze them later on. The survey results can be exported in CSV format so that you can compare them later on with other data sources like databases or spreadsheets.


SurveyMonkey is a survey software solution that allows you to create surveys, polls, questionnaires, and more. It’s the best survey management software for small business owners or entrepreneurs seeking to build their web-based apps and websites.

SurveyMonkey can be used to create surveys, polls, questionnaires, and more. It’s an easy way to collect data from your customers or clients. Here are some of the features that make it one of the best survey management software choices:

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Customizable questions: You can add as many questions as you want in each survey. The program comes with a variety of different types of questions including demographics, location-specific questions, and more.

Question ordering: The program allows users to order their questions in any order they choose. This is useful if you have multiple questions that need to be asked at the same time or if you want certain questions answered first before moving on with others.

Report creation: SurveyMonkey comes with an easy-to-use report creator that allows users to export their results into PDFs or Word documents for further analysis or action planning purposes.

Multiple responses: Users can choose whether they want one response per person or if they want all responses combined into one report. 


SurveyLegend is a powerful survey management tool that helps you collect and analyze your data. It’s available in a free version and a paid version, where the latter offers advanced features such as split testing and A/B testing. With SurveyLegend, you can create surveys with multiple questions, manage your responses and participants, export results to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and schedule follow-up emails.

SurveyLegend is one of the best survey management tools on the market right now because it offers a huge range of features that make it easy for anyone to create effective surveys. For example, you can create surveys with multiple questions or even whole pages of questions instead of just one question per page as with most other tools on the market today. This allows you to gather more information from your audience and get more detailed information about them than most other survey tools allow you to do.

Another great feature of SurveyLegend is its ability to automatically categorize your respondents by gender and age group so that you can easily compare their demographics against each other. This makes it easier for you to see which demographics perform better than others so that you can optimize future surveys accordingly.


So which one is the best survey management software? The simple answer is that it depends on what you need. While every single one of these platforms has its own pros, some might better suit your needs and budget than others. After all, you’ll want to choose something that will make your life easier (and not more difficult). #KhabarLive #hydnews