Indians are quite interested in future reading, especially women and illiterate persons. They go to fly-by-night astrologers or self-styled future-tellers, who use parrots to identify the future for some quick money. This vanishing profession still exists in rural Telangana areas.

Everyone is interested in knowing, what is stored for future, they tend to worry more, when there is any problem or what they intend to pursue is delayed for longer period of time. Then arises doubt, as to what is wrong with my luck and future.

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To dispel such doubts, people tend to consult astrologers, horoscopes or palmistry architects, they are mostly consulted to dispel such doubts. But many tend to believe by visiting a Telangana’s village, Lakshmipur, they will find a solution to their problem, as they have high belief in soothsaying. This practice is followed in these village for many years.

More than 200 residents of Budiga Jangala Colony in Laksmipur village of kothapally mandal in Karimnagar district practice soothsaying. For two centuries, the village people have been practicing soothsaying profession.

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They tell people’s future with the help of trained parakeets.

The above profession has become livelihood for many villagers, they took this profession of fortune telling very seriously. They train the birds in picking the cards. They make the parakeets understand the question asked by the customers.

As per the villagers, each soothsayer on an average earns about Rs.500 to Rs.1000 each day.

The fortune tellers have stated that, people from all walks of life, including business magnates and politicians come to them in order to know what is stored for their future.

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Apart from various places in Telangana, people from Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh also visit the village to know their future prospects with the help of parakeets.

The villagers are also very keen in teaching this art to their future generations. They also predict future reading, palm leave scriptures.

If everybody becomes astrologer by themselves,  the education doesn’t sound meaningful. We should refrain from these types of roadside assistance to curb the menace. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadnews