‍‍‍‍‍‍Hyderabadi culture is partially depends upon its unique slang.  And other part on  its diversified Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb. And ofcource, Nawabi Shaan, Baan aur aan makes complete Hyderabadi.

Hyderabad city holds a unique position in India as a melting pot of Hindu, Muslim, Andhra and Telangana cultures. Evidently, “Hyderabadi Hindi” gains its unique flavor from the amalgamation of Urdu, Hindi and Telugu. The best part about being a Hyderabadi is to experience a lifetime of hilarious hindi conversations.  Over the years, the language has gained such significance that it becomes difficult to relate to the place without it. We have our own Johnny here, who is called ‘Haula’ (dumb-head or stupid). Anybody who reflects this ‘haula’ quotient in a conversation is believed to be suffering with ‘haulapan’! “Haulepane ki baatan mat karo yaaron!” (Don’t be stupid or don’t talk stupidly). Note, ‘yaaron’ can be applied for both singular and plural!

The concept of singular-plural is completely different in Hyderabad. Here there is no need to put an ‘s’ suffix at the end of the word to make it a plural. The conventional ‘s’ is replaced by ‘aan’, for example – bottlaan, phoneaan or logaan. “Uno pani ke bottlaan leke araa!” Ironic part is, once you stay here for a few days, you feel out of place if you have to refer to plurals with an ‘s’ especially when you are talking in Hindi.

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If you go to a store in Hyderabad, you would be addressed with a blunt, “Kya Hona?” meaning, what do you want? Here ‘chahiye’ is conveniently replaced with ‘hona’; a hyderabadi invention used invariably in all sorts of conversations. A yes or a no here, cannot be expressed in a simple ‘haan’ or ‘naa’, it has to be conveyed through a ‘hau’ or a ‘nakko’ with a typical accent!

The universal time continuum does not apply to you when you are in Hyderabad; if you hear a Hyderabadi saying, ‘Haan main parson vahaan gaya tha’ (I went there, day before yesterday). Don’t be surprised to know that the same sentence can either mean he had been there the day before yesterday or probably a decade ago!

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How do you say Girl in Hyderabadi?
Potti is a typical slang word used for a pretty or sexy girl. It is widely used in Hyderabad and we think it should be added to the dictionary of amazing words.

What is Baigan in Hyderabadi?
Meaning- Look Dude, dont talk gibberish. Baigan is not just a vegetable in Hyderabad, it is a word that is used to describe our emotions. For example: Baigan main mila diya na, which translates to “its all gone in vain.” If you are a Hyderabadi, you must have surely received this compliment at least once in your life.

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What do you call people from Hyderabad?
A person from Hyderabad is called a Hyderabadi. People born in Hyderabad, of Hyderabadi descent, or those who have spent a large part of their career in Hyderabad are included.

What is the meaning of Hyderabadi?
A person who is the resident of Hyderabad in India and known and mingled with its culture and slang.  Hyderabadi is a variety of Dakhini Urdu, spoken in areas of the former Hyderabad State, corresponding to the Indian state of Telangana, the Marathwada region of Maharashtra and the Kalyana-Karnataka region of Karnataka.

Never believe a Hyderabadi if he says that he’ll be there by sharp 9, he will not leave for his destination until it is 9:15. However this attitude is changing, as people finally have to! #KhabarLive #hydnews #Hyderabadi  #hyderabadlive