There is a natural tendency to wear ethnic clothing when dressing for special occasions. Indian traditional clothing is exquisite, graceful, and feminine. In reality, they have artistic qualities. All of the embellishments, cuts, patterns, and colours are quite beautifully done, as is the fall and feel of the fabric. This is the most trending fashionable ethnic wear in Hyderabad for the year 2022.

Any woman can appear beautiful in a dress if it is worn appropriately. Festivals are incomplete without the perfect outfit that suits you best and that you will absolutely love. What makes these festivals more festive is the variety of clothing options. In addition, comfort plays a major role in your style.

Historically, celebratory occasions like Navratri—a holiday where you will find women wearing lovely chaniya cholis—have favoured traditional and ethnic attire. For Diwali, Dussehra, and Karwa Chauth, people typically wear sarees and lehengas. For Eid, people typically wear palazzo suits and shararas. These are the trending Hyderabadi fashion flavours.

Hyderabadis living abroad also prefer to dress up in traditional attire with a touch of innovative style during the festive season to enjoy the occasion in its truest spirit. Even people from western culture are now liking to wear and prefer trendy ethnic outfits. Today we have Hyderabadi Ethnic Wear Brands like Neerus, Muskaan, Aliya fashions, Apella, Biba, Meena Bazaar, Kalki Fashion who are redefining ethnic fashion and taking it to a global level.

Beauty of Ethnic Wear

Flash back to the 90s and remember the moment in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when Rahul describes the sight of his friend Anjali with her daughter, the scene where Anjali is getting dressed for her engagement, her old look , her clothes  transformed into mesmerising beautiful Indian ethnic wear. The way she wears her oxidised jewellery, bangles and maang tikka, how the beautiful dupatta flies and flaunts on her back. 

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Just imagine yourself in her place. It seems to be nothing short of a dream.  Ah! So for a moment you might have experienced and feel like you were in another universe right . This is what we say is the magic and  real beauty of Indian ethnic wear. That suddenly takes you to another world. Isn’t it?

Undeniable Comfort 

The perfect combination of colour, style, class and comfort is the way forward to wear your true elegance. Even in the quiet environment of your home, you can treat yourself to a pleasant appearance. 

Indian ethnic wear is as comfortable and soothing as it is known to have elegance and glamour. Apart from special or festive occasions, this dress is very comfortable to wear at home while you can do your normal household chores. It will give you a graceful look, and also improve your appearance significantly. Even in the cosy surroundings of your home, these dresses will add unwavering charm.

Must Have Some Ethnic Wear in 2022

  • Gorgeous  Anarkalis

With the upcoming wedding season, Indian women can’t wait to drape themselves in trendy ethnic wear soon. Whenever you think of wearing stylish Indian ethnic wear for a wedding or a festive event, the first name that comes to our mind is an elegant Anarkali for women. If you want to look stylish and relaxed at the same time, anarkali salwar suits can be your best choice. This gorgeous outfit looks great on all body types with its sheer charm and elegant elegance. This is why ladies like to wear these clothes to enhance their style.

  • Shimmering Sharara Suits
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Sharara suits are very popular among millennial women today, especially in Indian ethnic wear. They are a testament to elegance, culture and aesthetics, class and pure beauty when combined in an entire ensemble. You can buy plus size Sharara Suits online in several designs, patterns, colors, embellishments and styles. Style your dream shararas into your bridal wardrobe and claim maintenance and safe style.

  • Stunning Salwar-Kameez

Women in India are spoiled for choice when it comes to traditional Indian wear. From Sarees to Anarkalis and Kurtis to Cholis, there are a plethora of options to choose from. But the one outfit that tops every woman’s list is the evergreen salwar kameez. This versatile outfit is perfect for any weather, occasion and age group. If you mention salwar kameez to an Indian woman today, she will have her own opinion about it. With the evolving fashion, salwar kameez designs have also undergone several transformations. They can be paired with dupattas, scarves or chunnis.

  • Elegant Kurtis

Kurti is a versatile piece of clothing that can be tailored to suit any season or occasion. During the harsh Indian years, Cotton Kurtis are on everyone’s must-have and wear list due to their simple style and comfort level. There is no end to the variety when we talk about the patterns, embellishments and fabrics that are used in making a kurta. They are available in all kinds of styles, from short to long, from hand printed to extremely embellished and casual one with solid colors or prints. Kurti is the garment in a woman’s life that makes her fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

  • Stylish Long Dresses
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From proms to your best friend’s wedding, long dresses have always saved the day with the elegance and poise they offer. Long dresses are easy to wear, easy to flaunt and definitely easy to play in !. Ethnic party dresses are even better because they have a desi touch. Ethnic dresses also come in rich materials like silk, satin and velvet. You can also add a dupatta of a minimalistic nature or a heavily elaborated dupatta as per your wish to enhance the dress. 

  • Fabulous  Lehenga Choli

Lehenga choli is one of the most amazing clothes that Indian women wear on various occasions. One of the best choices for festivals and Indian weddings, ladies love to twist themselves  in flowing skirts and shimmering blouses. You can  shop online for  lehenga choli in many colors, designs, sizes and price tags. 

Ethnic wear has a certain appeal. Ethnic wear, apart from providing a diverse range of alternatives, has aspects that elevate fashion to a whole new level. You can look amazing even in a plain suit. If you prefer Indian costumes, you can grab attention by wearing a beautifully designed lehenga. Ethnic wear embraces your soul and also makes you feel secure. #KhabarLive #Hyderabadi #hydnews #hyderabadlive