Digital Marketing has transformed the way Influencer section of marketing has evolved from a simple idea to a complex ecology that the marketing industry cannot function without Influencers today recognize their importance and seek a long-term, sustainable relationship with businesses rather than a one-time purchase. 

What’s noticeable is the method that the financial trust that the brands have built with influencers via barter or a share in the income generated by the products they promote. These set of new rules provide industry a solid foundation to build trust between firms, influencers, as well as us, the end consumers.

With the growing need of innovative techniques to reach out to customers on digital media brands with the most diverse and impactful campaigns and tools would have the maximum potential and highest awareness in the market. Seeing a rapid growth of digital marketing in India, here are the top 5 upcoming digital marketing agencies that we as users should be on the lookout for in 2022.

  1. Quantafi Digital

Quanta-Fi is meant to maximize the potential of every resource by enabling them to think big, giving them complex challenges to solve and providing opportunities to grow. Together as a team, the brand represents small packets of energy that propel towards achieving ROI for their advertisers and publisher partners. They think differently, are diverse, learn quickly, evolve constantly and innovate every day. They believe in equality at the workplace that generates opportunities to drive progress. They are passionate, driven, creative and fun loving, take ownership and are results focused. And above all, together they are just getting started. At Quantafi, they aim to enhance the returns on marketing investment via relevant and contextual ads across platforms (Mobile & Desktop) and also by ensuring to reduce digital ad fraud.

  1. Whoppl
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A new age generation of influencer content management platform that helps individuals and organizations connect with their tribes. They create campaign strategies and production services to build a powerful story for the brand’s social media channels. They continuously monitor and procure top-notch digital creators with genuine followers, proven engagement, and high-quality content. They work directly with brands, public relations teams, marketing companies, digital media strategists, and publishing partners to run influencer campaigns. Over 100,000+ hand-picked influencers across the country’s vast ecosystem.

  1. Deepsense Digital 
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The company strives to ensure that their services provide top rankings on business keywords driving organic traffic and building a strong brand Identity. Deep Sense creates Ad campaigns that guarantee active engagement on all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Blogs, creating a complete network of engaged audiences.   With developing mobile applications on various platforms like Android, IOS etc. to provide a rich and interactive experience, Deep Sense provides a flair for creativity and exploring exciting opportunities with a wide variety of design solutions including website design and multimedia design.   With a motivated team of 50+ professionals driven by passion and having experience from 2-6 years in the digital industry, the brand covers the 360° of Digital Marketing with a large and diversified clientele across various sectors ranging from Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, FMCG, and so on.

  1. Sense Digital

Sense takes pride in being the country’s youngest and most vibrant 360-degrees digital media solution provider. Sense Digital is a company of advertising media and technology specialists working toward rapid development and growth, to meet the challenges head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools. At Sense, one thing that is common, in the team— they are all passionate about building a platform and providing a service cherished by our users – be it the advertisers or the Publishers. They make sure that all our advertisers get a complete return on every penny that they spend through Sense Digital. The way they optimize their campaigns, every penny gets counted in. No doubt, the brand believes in the old saying “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  They are dedicated to helping publishers maximize their advertising revenue without having to worry about the complications of the ever-shifting advertising marketplace.

  1. Gozoop
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Gozoop is a globally known digital marketing agency in India that provides a comprehensive communications strategy and firmly believes in having a good digital presence. It has become an inseparable part of our lives. It guarantees that its clients receive the most comprehensive and well-integrated solutions for a positive internet reputation. The team’s extensive understanding of online marketing, skilled storytelling, and digital competence in controlling mobile and web marketing expenditures are just a few reasons why Gozoop is such a well-known digital marketing agency. #KhabarLive #hydnews