Eminent doctors from across Telugu States have urged the government to cease the immunisation campaign immediately, particularly for children, citing the rise in illnesses and issues among individuals who have received the Covid vaccine.

The doctors expressed their opinion during meeting recently organised by UHO Doctors. Sharing his views AIIMS Nagpur Epidemiology MD Dr Arvind Kushwaha, who has taken up a study, said findings show that this vaccine was not effective. He had studied 1,087 cases from March 2021 to March 2022 and found that there were 387 deaths and half of them were because of heart diseases. He said about 700 patients were hospitalized.”

“Further, he said that 90 per cent of these people had taken Covishield vaccine and 10 per cent Covaxin. He said that as per the estimates 38,000 to 41,000 would have died based on the 200 million doses. “In my view the vaccination should be stopped, and no further vaccination should be done on children”, he added.

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Dr Lalit Kumar Anande from Mumbai said that there should be a documentation procedure for a medicine which is under trial but this was not followed in case of the Covid vaccine. “The tablet used for acidity Zantac was stopped after it was found to have an adverse reaction. Why are people made to suffer? It has been forced up on us and the result is there is an explosion of cancer, TB, liver etc. What are the regulating authorities doing,” asked Anande.

Dr Megha, an MD in paediatrician from Gurgaon, said that a new lead had come where there were unexplained cases of infection and an alarming trend of brain clots in children which were not seen earlier.

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“Generally, vaccines are not given to pregnant women and untested and un-researched vaccines are also not given.

There are unexplained cases of hepatitis, neurological illness in adolescents… we have failed our young ones,” said Megha.

Neurosurgeon Dr Bhanu Prakash explained how one pregnant woman who was positive and she was advised by the doctors to abort the pregnancy because there was no heart in the child.

One individual working in ISRO on a contract basis developed BP after the vaccination. He said that those having complications after the vaccination should file for compensation and get treatment on behalf of the government.

Retired senior medical officer Dr Amar Singh Azad said that there was no need for a vaccine for flu virus. “We have the efficiency to tackle the virus. This is a genetic vaccine and artificial proteins are pushed into the body, which will create havoc in the body. This will also affect the next generation,” he said.

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Homeopathy expert Dr Abhay Chheda said there were no details of ingredients of the vaccine and it was said there were 9,000 different materials used. “No judges asked them (manufacturers), even paediatricians blindly followed.

This cocktail of chemicals is directly pushed into your blood- bypassing all safety layers of the body,” said Chheda.

Indian Bar Association president Nilesh Ojha questioned the lack of transparency and said that the mafia which is playing with the lives of the people should be held responsible. #Khabarlive #hydnews #hyderabadlive