As Telangana reporting a highly infectious new COVID-19 variant, state health authorities urged the common people to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour, advised elders and children not to go out unnecessary.

They asked the general public to adopt COVID-appropriate behaviour in light of the recent reports of a highly-contagious new COVID-19 variant in Telangana. Seniors and other at-risk groups should stay home because there is a high danger of illness spreading and some may even develop serious infections.

The decision to continue masks and COVID19-appropriate behaviour nationwide was made following a high-level meeting between Telangana Health Minister Harish Rao and senior health officials recently. The meeting was held in response to the development of new sub-variants of Omicron.

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Additionally, the group of scientists, physicians and senior administrators suggested stepping up surveillance and genome sequencing. A faster COVID-19 prophylactic dose for the eligible population on mission mode was also advised by the health professionals.

Earlier, Coronavirus cases increased 17.7% in Hyderabad from the previous week, according to a state health department bulletin. New instances of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the XBB sub-variant that has been identified in Adilabad and other districts in the state.

Everyone should use a mask when going outside, especially in crowded areas, authorities advise. Although it is expected that new variants may emerge and that existing types will continue to mutate, the current circumstance is different.

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There was no immunisation prior to this time, but today everyone is vaccinated. Though the festival season is approaching and cases are also increasing, this does not mean that people should stop taking care of themselves, he added.

On the other hand, according to mdical experts, the chances of hospitalisation and ICU admissions are low. “The chances of hospitalisation and ICU admissions are low. This time there will be a mild infection, fever, cold, cough and body ache, the chances of recovery are within 3-4 days, usually, in this season, viral fever is reported due to COVID also,” they said. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive