Telangana’s Manugodu assembly constituency which is going for bye-election makes a news on every political offerings for voters. This time, someone offered gold ornament worth Rs.52,500 for a vote! Looks crazy, but it is happening in this cash-rich constituency.

Voters are frequently lured by political parties using gifts of booze and money. Major parties are reportedly enticing voters with gold because the Munugode Assembly byelection occurs a week after Diwali.

Major parties use the “Diwali emotion,” which causes individuals to buy gold during the holiday as a sign of good fortune and riches, to win over voters.

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The bypoll will take place on November 3 while Diwali will be observed on October 25. The parties had divided up chicken, mutton, alcohol, and cash for Dasara.

Currently, local leaders of major political parties are going door-to-door with voter lists and promising to give 10 grammes of gold—worth close to Rs 52,500—to households with four to six voters as a “Diwali gift” for households with fewer than four voters, cash gifts worth between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000 are promised.

Almost all the local leaders in Munugode constituency shifted their loyalties to other parties unable to resist the ‘packages’ offered by rival parties. As this process has now been completed and the bypoll notification has been issued, the major parties have now shifted their focus to lure voters with gold and cash.

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The major parties have set booth-by-booth targets for local leaders to achieve in the byelection. Their job is to visit every home, especially those with more than six voters, interact with them, and strike up a “deal” with them in order to secure their promise to cast a vote in their favour. They also need to obtain money from the top leaders of the respective parties for distribution.

The bypoll is becoming more interesting as the campaign is heating up with new trends, offerings and new styles of electioneering in Manugodu constituency. Let’s wait and see what will be the outcome #hydnews #hyderabadlive #KhabarLive