Telangana Chief Minister KCR is battling money distribution for vote and crony politicians to open a new chapter in his national growth story. KCR’s Financial Surgical Strikes against corrupt political system in Manugodu bypoll in Telangana reveal the blueprint for reforms and issues a stark warning about the cracks in the present political system.

It is quite evident that Chandrasekhar Rao, the TRS supremo and Telangana’s chief minister, is launching “financial strikes” against the BJP in Munugode constituency by-election, where money plays a significant part in the Munugode. The by-election is seen as a prestigious one by all major political parties, including the TRS, BJP, and Congress, since they believe it will improve their support during the upcoming Assembly elections.

According to political analysts, the Munugode poll will be the most expensive in Telangana’s history. But in order to prevent the BJP from transferring money, KCR is attempting to block all ways that provide money to Munugode. All of Munugode and the state’s boundaries have checkpoints installed by the state government is successfully seizing money reportedly belonging to the BJP meant for spending in Munugode.

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So far, the police have seized around Rs 15 crore and have detained BJP leaders and workers who were carrying money to Munugode. Two days ago the police seized Rs 1 crore that was being brought from Vijayawada and detained the vehicle and the persons in it. Police said the detained persons had revealed that they were bringing the money from Vijayawada as per the direction of BJP leaders.

It appears that the state government is concentrating on the BJP thinking that it will spend huge money during the Munugode by-election. One can understand that if the police seized Rs 15 crore which was meant for spending in the Munugode by-election how much money is going to get spent in the by-election. Surprisingly most of the money seized by the police allegedly belongs to BJP leaders.

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It is also a fact that the police cannot check all the money getting spent in Munugode. When the police start strict checking political parties adopt new methods to spend money. Sources close to #KhabarLive reveal that it is not possible directly to give the money to voters political leaders are planning to give the money to their relatives or friends who are outside Munugode. Later, the voters can collect the money from them.

It is also simple to find out if political parties deposit money into voters’ bank accounts. In Munugode, the Election Commission has also appointed observers to watch for irregularities by political parties and their spending during the by-election.

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The Central Government will often be represented among the observers. Political analysts believe that the Election Commission observers might focus on TRS leaders, especially in monitoring the funds being spent in Munugode. But there are several simple ways for the state-level parties to make sure that money gets to the voters. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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