Chaos prevailed in ruling TRS party in Telangana now changed as BRS as national party. The leadership, cadre and well-wishers, supporters are in confusion to tackle the liquor scam actions. Whereas the top brass is quite confident to tackle this issue.

Despite putting on a brave face, TRS alias BRS officials disagree about the party high command’s response to the Delhi liquor scandal. Since the swindle was exposed, TRS leaders have been unsure of what would happen to them if they encountered legal issues.

Party insiders claimed that others should be concerned if the Chief Minister’s daughter is isolated and excluded from party events.
There is always a risk of ED, CBI, and IT raids, according to party sources. We have been asked to be ready even by the party leadership. It was assumed that they would support us. Signals, however, suggest that we are alone. Nobody is standing up for the CM’s daughter as the Congress and the BJP insult her.

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The manner the TRS responded to the situation, according to sources, has leaders on edge. Party leaders now believe that they won’t receive the party’s support, and not simply because of the raids on Kavitha, the Casino case, or other raids against TRS leaders.

TRS leaders think that irrespective of whether there is a rift in the family or not, party leaders believe that parents will always try to protect their children. However, party leaders are divided over the issue. Some say that the party leadership doesn’t want to give any opportunity to the opposition to point fingers.

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“When there is no scam, what is there to talk about? Silence doesn’t mean we are wrong. Let the opposition prove. May be Kavitha will be elevated to a bigger role,” said another leader. Kavitha was playing a key role in the national tour programme of KCR. During her previous stint as MP, she had made contacts at the national level with media houses and other parties. Her absence at the BRS launch invited intense scrutiny.

It may be mentioned here that Minister KT Rama Rao played down her absence saying, “These are trivial issues. Do you think anybody opposing KCR’s decision will remain in the party? Ranjith broke his leg. So he did not come. Does this mean that he differs with party decisions? I think 279 people attended the meeting. That is more than 99 per cent. The meeting unanimously supported the resolution. We are one family.

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Overall, in BRS party cadre and leadership in a confusion over sudden raids and responses over the scam. The cadre is still in chaos and waiting for command. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadlive