The incident of poaching TRS MLAs in Hyderabad farmhouse making headlines against BJP. According to insiders, the probe has turned up audio-video tapes that reference BL Santosh and Amit Shah. This is a clear indication of BJPs confusion over losing control of Telangana despite several political gimmicks and tricks.

Highly placed sources in the Telangana state government told #KhabarLive that a total of Rs 250 crore was allegedly offered as a bribe to four Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLAs who were allegedly lured to join the BJP, a day after high drama erupted at a farmhouse in Hyderabad over allegations of horse-trading by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The source added that top BJP figures like Amit Shah and BL Santhosh were named when discussions were taking place in Hyderabad.

The source, who is knowledgeable about the Cyberabad Police’s investigation into the matter, claims that while Pilot Rohit Reddy allegedly received a 100 crore rupee offer, the other three MLAs—Bheeram Harshavardhan Reddy, P Rega Kantha Rao, and Guvvala Balaraju—were each allegedly given 50 crore rupees. Rohit Reddy has previously reported two people, Satish Sharma alias Ramachandra Bharati and Hyderabad businessman Nandakumar, to the Rajendranagar Police, alleging that they promised him Rs 100 core.

The well-positioned insider said, “There is video and audio evidence that corroborates that this enormous quantity of money was offered. It is startling. The evidence is anticipated to be made available to the public later on Thursday, October 27. Moreover, the source said, “The accused have said that they negotiated the deal on behalf of BJP leader and Home Minister Amit Shah.”

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The scandal started on October 26 when Cyberabad Police searched a farmhouse in Hyderabad’s Aziz Nagar where the four MLAs had met with the three accused—Satish Sharma, Nandakumar, and Simhayaji Swamy—before the search. It is said that Simhayaji is from Tirupati and Satish Sharma is from Delhi. The Cyberabad Police booked all three on Thursday and filed a FIR.

The three are said in the FIR to have offered MLA Rohit Reddy not just money but also “top central government jobs and contracts” in exchange for joining the BJP. The FIR claimed: “They (Satish Sharma and Nandakumar) also threatened that there will be criminal charges and searches by Enforcement Directorate and Central Bureau of Investigations and Telangana government led by TRS will be toppled by them.”

According to the FIR, Rohit Reddy also expressed his displeasure at the two’s request that he recruit additional TRS MLAs by promising to pay them each Rs. 50 crore. The three suspects allegedly met Rohit Reddy and other MLAs in the farmhouse to “finalise the transaction,” according to Rohit Reddy.

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According to the source, who spoke with #KhabarLive, “This is a chain of corruption that was uncovered in which the names of major BJP leaders, including Amit Shah and BL Santhosh (National General Secretary, Organization) of the BJP, are suspected of having been engaged in negotiating the transaction. The accusation is supported by audio proof.

However, the state chapter of the BJP has angrily denied Rohit Reddy’s assertions. “Horse trade is not done by the BJP. A claim this significant must have a foundation, yet there is none. None of the alleged people play any part and are not party members. Even if our senior leaders’ names appear in the audio or video clip, they are only claims, according to Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao.

The claims won’t have an impact on the party, he claimed. However, the BJP’s leaders, including Union Minister G Kishan Reddy, have come out to vehemently deny the accusations as the Munugode bypoll is scheduled to take place on November 3. A three-way battle between the TRS, the Congress, and the BJP is anticipated in Munugode. Elections for the Telangana Legislative Assembly are also planned for 2023.

According to the knowledgeable source, the accused Ramachandra Bharati (Satish Sharma) is a senior member of the RSS. He regularly accompanied Amit Shah on his travels, as well as maybe Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are dealing with a very charged inquiry.

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According to the source, the MLAs were allegedly called well in advance in an effort to persuade them to join the BJP before JP Nadda, the party’s president, visited Munugode on October 31. On the final election day, Nadda is anticipated to hold a public event at Munugode. Komatireddy, a renegade in Congress The BJP’s candidate in Munugode is Raj Gopal Reddy. His retirement from the Congress was what forced the byelection.

“The event has bolstered the confidence of our cadre as they are now certain that our MLAs won’t fall for allurement,” a TRS source said in a statement to #KhabarLive.

In the meantime, Krishna Sagar Rao of the BJP declared, “We are certain of winning the elections because this drama produced by the TRS would backfire and drive people to gather behind us.”

However, according to the person who is familiar with the inquiry, neither the accused nor the MLAs who made the complaint exchanged any money. The insider verified that although the offer was made, no money was exchanged. K Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, is anticipated to update the media on the matter in Hyderabad. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive