Who will lead the Telangana branch of the national party if TRS Chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao launches it as anticipated? In TRS-related groups, this has come up for discussion. And what strategies evolved on national arena and with whom the functionaries goes live and who’s who in the new party is the agenda before KCR’s think tank.

KCR leading the national party is extremely natural. He won’t allow anyone else to lead the national party. It is also true that the national party will only gain a positive reputation at the national level if KCR leads it.

KCR would have to choose state unit presidents around the nation once his national party is launched. TRS factions are debating the candidate KCR will choose to lead the party’s Telangana branch. The party is currently being led by KCR’s son, IT Minister KT Rama Rao. Party circles are curious as to whether KCR will nominate KTR or pick someone else to lead the state unit.

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In party circles, there are several viewpoints on this matter. The TRS is criticised by opposition parties for being a family party, especially those who are against it. The national party will feel the same way if KTR is chosen to lead the state unit.

KCR may appoint some other leader from the weaker sections as the state unit head to avoid this. If KCR wants to appoint somebody other than his son to head the party he may choose a person from the SC or ST communities.

It may be recalled that before the 2014 Assembly elections KCR had made a promise to appoint an SC leader as the first Chief Minister of Telangana it the TRS is voted to power. But due to various reasons after the TRS won the Assembly elections KCR became the Chief Minister. Opposition parties criticise KCR on this issue always.

Keeping this in mind KCR may appoint an SC leader as the Telangana unit president. But some TRS leaders think that KCR may not mind such criticism and may appoint his son as the Telangana unit president. As the working president, KTR has proved that he can run the party successfully. During the last Assembly elections and local body elections also KTR took the lead in the party campaign.

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The next Assembly and general elections are crucial to KCR’s political future. In these elections, a capable leader has to head the party. TRS leaders feel that whoever may head the state unit KTR will play a key role.KCR introduced the Dalit Bandhu scheme to give priority to SCs. After making Draupadi Murmu the President the BJP started a campaign to get the support of STs across the country.

KCR introduced the Girijana Bandhu scheme to counter this and also announced 10 per cent reservations to them. So if KCR appoints his son as the Telangana unit president he will get the support of all sections and people will ignore any criticism from opposition parties.

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Meanwhile, in his national party, KCR may give importance to former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankar Singh Vaghela.It may be recalled that Shankar Singh Vaghela met KCR a few days ago at the Pragathi Bhavan and discussed national politics. Vaghela had extended his full support to KCR for his entry into national politics. KCR thinks that if Vaghela is given a place in the national party it will get a ‘northern look’ also. There are chances that KCR may give an important post to Vaghela in his national party.

If everything goes on right track, the main issue of Telangana sentiment in national party missing and this will disturb the Telangana cadre and vote bank. Will this able to address in Telugu states as the TRS support in Andhra Pradesh is becoming stronger these days and likely to form a unit with a loyal supportive group. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadlive

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