The poll scenario is becoming more corrupt in Telangana to make a free and fair Voting process, as it clearly visible in Manugodu constituency bypoll, where everything is happening for a vote.

According to some, the anti-defection statute has to be changed to stop horse trafficking. Some claim that these actions violate democracy. The ruling party, according to some, has tapped phones. The Telangana government’s ruling party accused the Centre of disregarding the state’s interests during the just finished campaign for the Munugodu byelection.

It appeared that the Center was doing little to help the state. The opposition said that the administration had changed into a family party and that it had broken its commitments. Allegations of massive booze and cash doles to buy votes were made by all parties.

A high-profile incident at a farmhouse outside of Hyderabad, alleging that “BJP brokers” made an unsuccessful attempt to purchase four TRS MLAs, broke up the campaign. To catch the brokers, the cops allegedly set up sophisticated cameras, microphones, and body cameras. A new tendency has evolved in the midst of this situation. The voters won’t accept less than 10 grammes of gold or money equivalent thereto, despite what certain party leaders had promised.

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It is quite regrettable that these politicians, who boast of having high morals and being visionaries, are encouraging corruption among the populace. If there is any shame left in today’s political jargon, the political parties should hang their heads in shame for pledging between Rs 3,000 and Rs 10,000 per vote. One is unable to comprehend how this differs from the MLA buyout attempt.

Even when the incidents of people refusing to accept the money if it was less than what was promised go viral on media channels and social media, the officials blink saying they have no information, and that no one complained.

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On the other hand, law enforcement agencies every time keep warning people, check vehicles and give some statistics of cash seized, liquor bottles seized and set up special check posts but still crore of rupees keeps changing hands. Yet, officials claim all arrangements are in place so a free and fair poll takes place.

Another interesting aspect that was witnessed during the Munugodu bypoll is people calling MLAs of ruling party and asking them to resign saying that the bypoll would usher in development of their constituency as it was happening in Munugodu. This speaks volumes of the tall claims of development which leaders don’t get tired of listing day in and day out. They forget that welfare schemes cannot be claimed as development of the constituency or the state.

All politicians and political parties have forgotten the concept of gram swaraj. Welfare schemes are necessary but just that cannot be claimed as development.

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No concerted effort is made to improve the basic infrastructure facilities in most of the constituencies. Roads, medicare, education still have a long way to go. The situation in constituencies represented by opposition members would be much worse.

Direct cash transfer in the name of welfare schemes does not really change the lives of the people living in villages or small towns. There should be a focused approach to meet their requirements, create necessary infrastructure and make them self-reliant irrespective of the party that represents the constituency. Then, there would be no need to adopt shortcut called note for vote.

No amount of changes to various laws, including the anti-defection law, would be helpful until such a perspective was formed because we are specialists at identifying legal loopholes even before a law is ratified by Parliament. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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