The Knowledge progressive domain is making great progress in Hyderabad aligning all tech routes and pumped on the target to grow, flourish and profits. This assures the stability in 360 degrees growth consistency.

Hyderabad Knowledge City is the preferred address for the younger generation, and T Hub (Technology Hub) is without a doubt the new face of Hi-Tech City. While a visit on the ground would corroborate it, the thought and deed that went into the scene are irrelevant. T Hub is a partnership between the State, three top universities (IIIT, ISB, and Nalsar), and the commercial sector. One of the fastest-growing IT towns in India, Hyderabad is now a rival to Chennai and Bangalore thanks to HI-TEC City.

The huge opportunity Hyderabad offers in luring and housing start-ups, innovation-driven tech companies, banking and financial services firms, and the ever-growing presence of IT & ITES is drawn by the city’s relatively low cost-superior infrastructure, diverse pool of engineering talent, affordable cost of living, cultural neutrality, and governance that has been successively proactive and progressive.

The ecosystem for life sciences, biotech and pharma Aside from the growth of the IT & ITES sector, it is heartening to the see the growing ecosystem of life sciences, biotech and pharma. Most of the firms are MNCs and large Indian firms that are located at the Genome Valley, high-technology business district spread across 600 km² covering the suburbs of Turakapally, Shamirpet and Medchal. The estate here is designed and developed as well as the HI-TEC City and Financial District and continues to be the hub of attraction for real estate developers like Neovantage (erstwhile MN Park), RX Propellant and the pioneering presence of 200 acres by IKP (ICICI Knowledge Park).

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South of Hyderabad has a ready base of land, buildings and infrastructure and promotes bio-medical devices, electronics, and cellular communications etc building FAB ecosystem in the region.The state government has big plans to expand the IT corridor west of Greater Hyderabad to the south.Telangana has a robust IT Software sector which will complement the IT hardware sector.The Government of India has approved an IT Investment Region for Hyderabad as well as two Electronic  Manufacturing Clusters. The large health industry in Telangana will support bio-medical devices and medical electronics

Aviation ecosystem

Hyderabad is home to a large number of defence aero-space and defence research laboratories like DRDO, DRDL, RCI, BDL, MDN, Ordnance Factory, DMRL etc. In addition to the five large Tata investments in aero-space, there is also the GMR MRO. A group of innovative aero-space SMEs also exist in Hyderabad, which has supplied components to the Chandraayan and Mangalyan initiatives.

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The Hyderabad Aerotropolis of approx. 1,500 acres, located at the International Airport at Shamshabad, is one of India’s largest airport-based, mixed-asset integrated ecosystems, which provide a world of exciting real estate opportunities. From lands for educational institutions in K-12 to Industrial SEZ and non-SEZ, from ready office space to build-to-suit campuses; from retail to hospitality a whole new city is emerging and continues to attract end users, investors and developers.

Growth in Dispersion (GRID)

The Telangana government’s policy, evident by its nomenclature GRID is far-sighted and aims to address immediate concerns of congestion. The vision is to drive growth of IT and ITES across the four corners of the city by de-cluttering the present western prominence. Moreover, there is presence of over 200 companies in the small to mid-segment spread across East, North and South. The GRID Policy is also designed to incentivise companies to establish IT parks, malls, hotels and residential spaces in the north and south-bound areas of Hyderabad.This eventually will lead to all-round real estate development. Post formation of Telangana, tides have turned for Hyderabad as the enthusiastic and determined government has embarked on a systematic plan of economic development across the city without ignoring the basic necessities of power, water, social equity, law enforcement and stable governance.

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With large supply comes an opportunity of scale. While the uninitiated may only sum the volume of ‘announced’ commercial projects, the actual delivery of Grade A space in Grade A locations meets the demand well and thereby the rental price continues to be tending upward.

Analysts and sentimentalists may draw different conclusions from the current real estate situation; but, the route forward is undisputed. This city has all the makings of a travel destination. Since ecosystems are hard to locate or duplicate and infrastructure is a major factor, Hyderabad stands out among other cities by a wide margin. The main business forces in real estate are followed. The residential area and the retail portion follow fairly consistently as the local economy matures.

Despite setbacks from the Covid-19 pandemic, the split of the former Andhra Pradesh state, and other factors, Hyderabad is poised for steady and balanced economic growth, setting a new standard for sustainable industrial cities around the world. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive