BJP eyes on andhra BC settlers votes -

The political changes in Andhra Pradesh scenario is completely depends upon ruling party movs and favours. In this, BJP is eyeing to gain the favour of BC votes of Andhra settlers in Hyderabad. This strategy will ruin the Telengana politics too.

Is the BJP attempting to fill the TDP’s shoes? Did it pay attention to Andhra settlers’ votes in Hyderabad? Is a plan being developed to encircle BC voters from AP in Hyderabad?

Recall that the KCR government abruptly cancelled the quota for 26 BC communities in Telangana shortly after taking over state administration. After eight years, the BJP fought against the quota’s removal primarily with the BC voters of AP in mind. What purpose does the BJP serve in delivering memos to Governor Tamilisai at Raj Bhavan?

Within three months of assuming office, TRS revoked Telangana’s quota for 26 AP BC communities, drawing ire from those communities at the time. Communities in Telangana, however, did not respond to the situation. The event happened eight years ago. At the time, no political group spoke out on the matter. To everyone’s astonishment, the BJP took up the matter, sparking intense political interest. Let’s examine the motivations behind the BJP’s most recent political action.

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The BJP is looking into every avenue to take control of Telangana. The settlers problem helped the BJP in a recent move. The BJP wants to include the 26 BC communities that have settled in Hyderabad as it extends its tentacles into Telangana long back, quota issue in its armoury.

On August 14, 2014, the TRS administration issued a GO cancelling the quota for the 26 BC communities of AP. In undivided AP, these localities reaped the benefits of quota.

In his speech on media relations at a recent BJP training camp, BJP MP CVL Narasimha Rao also touched on the subject of the removal of the quota for 26 AP BC groups. He urged the party’s membership to raise the matter with the BC communities who were impacted in order to provide them with social justice. As a result, the BJP OBC Morcha joined the conflict. The president of the OBC National Morcha, Dr. K. Lakshman, led a team of OBC people to Governor Tamilisai Sounder Rajan and presented her with a note calling for the inclusion of 26 BC communities under the BC Welfare Department. In reality, BJP MPs GVL and Dr Lakshman discussed about it 10 days ago to woo the AP settlers in Hyderabad towards the BJP fold.

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However, the TDP’s traditional support base has historically been the Andhra settlers in Hyderabad. The Rayalaseema settlers switched over to the Congress after Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy was elected CM. As a result, the Andhra settlers in Hyderabad split their allegiances between the TDP and the Congress while opposing all other parties.

Chandrababu Naidu travelled to AP following the division of AP. resulting in a reduction in TDP activities in Hyderabad. Even after the split, the TDP won 15 seats in the constituencies in and around Hyderabad, while the BJP won 5 seats with TDP backing. The TDP leadership left Telangana following the controversy over the vote for note. In light of this context, the settlers tended to support the TRS because it was inevitable for them. The TRS leadership gave them MLA and municipal corporator seats in proportion to their population and won their hearts.

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In the most recent GHMC elections, TRS candidates prevailed in every division with a sizable AP population. The BJP received support from Telangana district residents who resided in Hyderabad.

As a result, the BJP, which is aware of the significance of Andhra settlers, abruptly changed its political stance and raised the issue of Andhra BCs, arousing interest. The eight-year-old problem aids the BJP in winning at least 50 lakh supporters. The BJP wants to fight for the quota at the state level because the matter primarily pertains to state governments. Behind the scenes, the BJP has chosen to support the Andhra BCs.

If the most recent political developments are any indication, the BJP leadership wants to convert the Andhra settlers into its vote base after noticing that they are leaning toward the TRS. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive