The strategy to get political importance with the tricks and templates, newly formed national party BRS getting ready to project KCR ad a national leader. These political attempting attavks will get his reputation on par with national leaders.

After the SIT served notice on BL Santosh, the BJP General Secretary, who is a crucial leader in the saffron party, which has the most MPs and is the ruling party in the majority of states, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao became a national celebrity.

The Telangana SIT served a notice on the major political person improving the reputation of KCR at the federal level, making fun of the opposing parties’ frailty in refusing to point an accusatory finger towards BL Santosh.

Now KCR is taking up all the attention. This is ascribed to KCR’s initiative in luring away TRS MLAs. The name Bommarabettu Lakshmi Janardhan Santosh may not be well known. He goes by the name BL Santosh in short. Only a select group of BJP leaders are aware of the name. He currently serves as the National Sanghatana Mahamantri for the BJP. It means the national general secretary of the BJP. To replace the presidents of the BJP state units, his approval is required. Additionally, his consent is to change CMs in BJP ruled states. His permission is mandatory to take any decision with regards to the BJP.

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The national president of the BJP serves only as a symbolic position. Santosh Saab is the one who holds the actual power. Although Santoshji is Amit Shah’s superior, Amit Shah is the ultimate authority. Appointing Prime Minister Modi or the Home Minister, Amit Shah, is not tough, but Santoshji’s appointment is quite challenging. This gives one an idea of the level of influence he has in higher levels of authority.

Because he always keeps a low profile, many media professionals might not be aware of him or his influence. He is not renowned for making public pronouncements and venturing forth. He controls the party while sitting inside the four walls. He is the party’s man in the background. Several may have his face in Google, but not outside.

He interacts with powerful leaders like Modi and Amit Shah, but Santosh never approaches them. In order to pick BJP state unit presidents and governors of the states, Santoshji’s recommendations are extremely important. This is the greatness imposed on him by virtue of his office rather than his own brilliance.

Will anyone attempt to clash with a mountain? He serves as a go-between for the BJP and the RSS and holds the BJP’s hand to keep it operating. Who will light their heads on fire? Who will risk playing with fire? Any sane person would not take that action. No politician with lofty aspirations for the future will ever consider engaging in conflict with him. But KCR did it. KCR’s boldness was out of the ordinary. He took the bold step staking his political future.

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As Santoshji’s name was heard in poaching of the TRS MLAs, KCR took the bold step to implicate the high profile BJP leader in a case with the help of the SIT. The step earned KCR hero worship at the national level.  
He became the centre of the opposition parties without leaders. In the fight against the BJP, KCR emerged as the opposition parties’ political spokesman.
Luminaries like Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Bannerjee, Kejriwal, Stalin, and Hemant Soren failed to do what KCR did.

In actuality, all of these leaders were victimised by the BJP and were involved in ED, IT, and CBI investigations. So far, their conflict with the BJP has been one-sided. Even if they wish to fight against the shared enemy together, they shudder in terror at the mere sight of the BJP. KCR demonstrated to them how to combat the BJP. KCR has made it easier for the BJP-hit parties to fight their struggle.

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Bringing Santoshji before the SIT was synonymous with bring Modi and Amit Shah before the SIT, it is felt. That is why, KCR became a hero in the perspective of the Opposition parties.

Santoshji has no choice but to appear before the SIT in accordance with the Telangana High Court’s instructions. Santoshji was given a notice by SIT with the help of Delhi Police Commissioner. Santoshji is required to appear before SIT in Hyderabad if he is unable to obtain a stay from the SC.

Santoshji’s appearance before the SIT was not prevented despite the BJP’s best efforts. The BJP felt a huge sense of satisfaction when the HC issued orders banning the police from arresting him.

The KCR government was relieved when the HC issued orders requiring him to appear before the SIT. The goal of KCR to draw attention away from the SIT proceedings has been accomplished. In a sense, the Telangana High Court provided the BJP with the same level of justice as well as KCR. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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