In these days, the major concern is the declining the political mortality in Telangana. Political analysts trying to find the root-cause for this decline.

In Telangana’s Munugodu Constituency, where the byelections are to be held, last-minute full-throttled efforts are being made to secure votes. One day remains until the dust settles. The political parties are concerned about the voters’ quiet and the resentment of young people who are unemployed and still waiting for jobs to be filled.

The three main contenders, TRS, BJP, and Congress, are competing with one another to buy votes, but the irony is that these very parties talk about poaching leaders and attempting to overthrow elected governments. It is unclear what is in store for which party. Drink is being consumed freely. The biggest farce, though, is when party leaders urge people to resist temptation.

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The political parties are the ones who use various inducements and come up with novel ideas, driving up the cost of elections to hundreds of crores while admonishing voters not to fall for other parties’ enticements.

They probably mean to indicate that you should only succumb to their charms.

Most likely, they’re trying to say that you should only fall for their tricks.

Since everyone is engaging in allurements, poaching, and the use of money and force, no side has any right to discuss these topics at this time. In fact, every political party ought to start a quick poll to determine how voters are feeling.

Organize a public gathering without attempting to persuade people to attend by giving money, free transportation, or food.

To conduct surveys and gauge public sentiment, one does not need a team of so-called political strategists or a high level of intelligence. Don’t accept any cash or alcohol. Tell the populace what you have accomplished and what you want to do if elected. Take a look at the voter’s true power. But none of the major parties have the guts to do it.

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They talk of horse trading and buying leaders. But they don’t blink at giving money for vote. Is it not trading in feed for the horses that are traded by parties after their victory? They have created a murky situation where if they don’t give money, voters would start questioning them. Who is responsible for this degradation of politics? Do these so-called leaders have the right to seek votes?

Unless the members of the party in power whether in states or at Centre go in for self-evaluation of the promises made during elections and prepare a status report and confront their leadership over delay in implementing pending promises, they will continue to remain unfulfilled. One thing the political parties should understand is that if they think that keeping things pending and blaming someone for non-implementation will help, then they are in for disappointment. People cannot be taken for granted forever.

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People on the ground have stated that we will accept donations from all parties but will cast our votes for whomever we choose. It’s good to vote for whomever one wants without accepting payment.

Political parties ought to feel guilty for making elections a business. People should push parties to change if they refuse to leave the drug-like addition of freebies. Only then can democracy remain intact. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive