Telangana CM KCR adopted a habit to avoid protocol and escape with some excuse on every visit of Prime Minister, this time too Telugu Chief Minister’s mood swings on opposite directions. This makes PM Modi to play differently with Telugu States. What’s the strategy and who will win? Will remain the Million dollar question.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana this past weekend elicited conflicting reactions from the local ruling parties. Therein lies the story of the struggles faced by the leaders of two Telugu states. The TRS complains about Modi’s visit to AP, but the YSRCP celebrates it.

There is no love lost between the governing YSRCP and the BJP; they are not allies. These days, neither party is even nice to the other. But that is meant for general consumption. The government has always been eager to win over the Prime Minister and keep him amused, and it is doing so right now. According to reports, the state’s BJP leadership is furious and worried about the government’s “ardour” for the PM and its excessive enthusiasm to make the journey successful.

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The BJP cannot remain so oblivious to the demands of the Chief Minister’s adoration of the Prime Minister, as the latter has to do so not only to score political points but also to find solace in his benevolent grace. As a realistic client whose personal interests are essential to him and the play, Jagan is not a political ally of the BJP.

Of course, Jagan had no qualms in admitting soon after he became the Chief Minister that he would prefer a ‘tone of conciliation’ with the Centre and would keep pleading for protection of AP’s interests. He has been doing it ever since that day and cannot be held responsible if rivals draw other inferences related to his pending cases. The demand for the Special Category Status was given up by his predecessor, N Chandrababu Naidu, himself and any reference to it now sounds more like a eulogy. The CM, of course, will plead for his pending wishes again.

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If Jagan plays his ‘perception politics’ thus, the neighbouring Telangana, too, needs to put on its own show – that of opposing the BJP ‘tooth and nail’. Unlike the YSRCP, the TRS is all peppered and propped to attack Modi during his visit on November 12. The Chief Minister, K Chandrashekar Rao, who is nurturing an ambition not only to make a mark on the national political scene but also play a key role in future, fancies himself playing David against his imaginary Goliath.

The TRS, like the YSRCP, has always been a ‘friend’ of the BJP in the Parliament on various occasions in the passage of several Bills. Some irritants have set in over a period once it realised that the BJP was seriously aiming to upstage it in the State. The war of words has proliferated to the extent that the CM does not prefer to adhere to the protocol during the PM’s visits.

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The BJP may believe that KCR taints even insignificant matters, but they must deal with his attitude. A cunning KCR will always try to hog media attention on days like this in order to distract people from such VVIP visits. Jagan, on the other hand, favours having Modi in the same room as him.

The TRS would be “questioning” Modi during his visit this time around for his “intentional ignoring of Telangana issues.” The BJP is so weak that it cannot handle either the TRS’s criticism or the YSRCP’s praise. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive