Betvisa is definitely one of the best online betting websites. They have quite a variety from online casino games, sports strategy and prediction, card games, slots and many more.


There are many applications and websites available in India with online casino and sports exchange. Betvisa is one of the top most reliable platforms for this. In fact, there is a section in it regarding sports prediction. They are extremely accurate to the actual results. So, you can go through those sections too, to avoid losses.

Promotions and Bonuses

Betvisa gives the sign up bonus to new users. Currently, as per the welcome bonus if you deposit Rs. 1000, you will get the double. Yes, you read it right. In fact, different games in the app have separate individual offers. 

Also if you refer the game to a friend, the referral bonus is Rs. 300. Likewise, there birthday month bonus, festivals bonus and many more. 


The Betvisa app is on continuous maintenance. Both the mobile as well as desktop versions have the same functionalities. One can bet on any of the games of online casino. However if you want more of the personalize experience, we advise you to go for the mobile version.

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Deposits and withdrawal

Betvisa has made the method of both deposit and withdrawal of money quite easy. In the incline casino they gave the freedom to deposit money as per the Indian currency itself. Also, the player can use the local payment methods such as UPI, IMPS etc. to do those transactions.

Number of Casino Games

At the very beginning, Betvisa had very few games from the casino niche. But as time passed, they gave a wide variety to casino game. Now they have the most popular slot games as well as card games. Few of those are Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo etc. 

Now the another feature of this platform is, you can play most of the games by not paying anything. Yes, you can do that for free. In fact there is an option given with the game as “play for free”. Just Click on that and you are good to go. 

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And, guess what, you do not need an account at all to play a free casino game on Betvisa. Also, a player can mark his or her favorite game by clicking on the star. Besides that, You can go full screen to play too.

Sports Exchange

As you can do sports betting on Betvisa too. The sports prediction is quite famous. Also, the more you follow the expert’s advice, the higher you can earn. 

The most famous sport to bet on, In India is cricket. 


Though every online betting platform provides customer care service. But, to maintain it at a satisfactory level is a major task to do. And, Betvisa is doing that job pretty well. The people at the resolving end are skillful enough. They definitely help at fullest to resolve the issue. Also,  make sure that the customer is satisfied with the solution they gave.

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Most importantly, they have enough manpower to be available 24/7. They take every single query and solve the issue.


As per above discussion, we can clearly see that Betvisa is definitely one of the best online betting websites. They have quite a variety from online casino games, sports strategy and prediction, card games, slots and many more. Besides this, it is the trust and services they provide, make them a choice of many. The ease in payment methods is also another favorable point to add. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just enter for the casino game you like or any sports you want to bet on. Just Go for it. 

We will be back soon with more of the content. Till then, Good have fun. Good Luck!! #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive