Today is the last day of 2022. We are seeing the past year glimpses on fast mode to do better in tomorrow. This entire great reminisce sketched by Google Doodle today to get on click minute by minute. Check now!

The world will today say goodbye to the year 2022 and gear up to ring in 2023 with fervour, albeit dampened a little by the resurgence of COVID-19. Online, the ubiquitous search engine Google is marking the end of 2022 by bringing out another vibrant doodle.

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Clicking on the Google Doodle, which has “2022” in the centre, and fireworks going off in the background, leads users to Google’s New Year’s Eve page, adorned with a confetti shower.

“Today’s Doodle celebrates New Year’s Eve, a time to reminisce about 2022 and look forward to a fresh start in 2023,” Google said, counting down to the new year. “Whether you’re setting off fireworks or setting goals for next year, here’s to the great things to come in 2023!”

Around the world, the dawn of 2023 will be marked with spectacular fireworks and lights, big parties as well as small gatherings.

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The most iconic display will be in Sydney, Australia, where 1,00,000 pyrotechnics will light up the sky.

A crowd of over a million is expected to gather at Sydney harbour to watch the fireworks. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive #happynewyear2023