The feoism between ruling YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy and TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu is getting high during these days. The fight continues and the feud deepens between two leaders while the political temperature always fluctuated as and when the power of cry lowers.

How can we gauge how people’ preferences have changed in relation to electoral politics? The most obvious sign of our democracy is the behaviour of the crowd at political events. We gauge a leader’s popularity by seeing the crowds they draw to their events or along the paths of their political travels. In our politics, padayatras and road shows are commonplace.

In light of this, if we attempt to assess the political climate in Andhra Pradesh, we can conclude that it is necessary to keep a close eye on the main players and their actions. The scenario was somewhat different up until the other day. People had little interest in the leaders’ political machinations, and what little speculation there was was mostly contained in the media. The TDP’s actions have received a favourable response over the past few days, which should cheer up its leadership.

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The Opposition’s plans have up until now been preliminary or vague. Despite Chandrababu Naidu’s accommodative approach, it was still unclear whether the TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP could form a coalition. Naidu left numerous form an alliance despite Chandrababu Naidu’s conciliatory approach. Naidu left plenty of room for alliances. Yet, the Jana Sena was not warming up to the idea much.

The TDP has a considerably broader appeal than Jana Sena, appealing to all corners of society. It has supporters in each Assembly district. If it had lost power in 2019, it was primarily as a result of its failure to recognise the opponent’s strength and to comprehend the anti-incumbency caused by broken promises like building the Capital. The scenario would have been different if Naidu had started work on the capital city as soon as he took office.

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Another error was in Polavaram. The YSRCP’s welfare policies have been able to uphold the image of the ruling party as a people-oriented one up to this point. Welfare, however, would not be enough to keep people in the fold. Even the recipients would start to doubt the government over livelihood issues some day.

In addition to putting an end to the Capital ambitions and delaying the completion of the Polavaram project, Jagan Mohan Reddy has replicated Naidu’s errors. Otherwise, the public sees the State government as a non-performing asset. This is the reason there seems to be a resurgence of curiosity around “Naidu’s experience.”

It is not sufficient to ascribe the reception to his public appearances and tours solely to effective administration or to his party cadres. By any metric, such gatherings demonstrate a resurgence of interest in the TDP. Without carefully examining the situation, the ruling party may simply dismiss everything as “media management.”

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It goes without saying that the party makes a big effort to draw audiences whenever the top leader speaks at a public event. But these mingling masses also suggest a voluntary engagement. As a result, if the audiences are paying attention to the leader of the main opposition, it follows that they are considering what is being said.

Voters flocked to Jagan Mohan Reddy’s gatherings in the past while he was on his “one chance” yatra. It appears that Naidu’s “Idem Kharma” yatra is now in the spotlight. Jagan Mohan Reddy cannot only rest on his laurels. The crowds around Naidu might be hiding more. #Khabarlive #hydnews #hydlive

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