Telugu states bifurcation, pending issues, government apathy in getting status despite changibg political dynamics Telugu people got frustrated with ruling parties for thier irresponsible behavoiurs.

Despite the anger it had created among groups of people in both states who still take pride in their shared Telugu moorings, the division of the former Andhra Pradesh state into Telangana and residual Andhra Pradesh states is a fait accompli.

Although politicians stirred up emotions prior to the division of the former Andhra Pradesh, causing bouts of hostility and hard feelings among some groups of people and excitement and joy among other groups, the post-bifurcation cooling off period appears to have brought all segments of the Telugu states’ population together.

In politics, nothing is ever truly permanent. Positive or negative changes are made depending on the circumstances. Time is a wonderful healer since it has the ability to wash away all of the negativity. Politicians’ mental impurities are cleared, and people begin to interact with newfound goodwill. The forthcoming elections in both Telugu states will be balanced by this restored peace, which has been absent for eight long years.

Hateful politics are inappropriate in any democracy, let alone one as lively as India’s. According to recent political developments, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh’s citizens reflect this.

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In the later part of the year, Telugu states, the year 2002 achieved the ideal balance. You could describe the balance as being both political and emotional. The two Telugu states have come a long way from a hopeless position of intense mutual recrimination between people and political leaders eight years ago to a promising situation of mutual accommodation between people and leaders.

After letting go of numerous things that had contributed to bifurcation, they now respect one another. Now, the group credited for making the Telangana dream a reality become a national party and a party that left Telangana, after bifurcation, is getting unexpected welcome from the people of the state. Time seals every emotion also.

If we closely examine the reception that Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao is receiving in Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu’s successful re-entry after the defeat of the TDP in Telangana, we notice a discernible shift in the attitudes of the people in both states as well as the leaders. Both major national parties will benefit from this modification since it is politically proactive and sympathetic. Given the injustice the states have experienced since their split with regard to their projects and other financial concerns, it is in some ways much desired.

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People who take the initiative to track their development can overcome any political mood or geographical sentiment. The Telugu states are experiencing this. The residents of the two states are no longer captive to their regional feelings and political sentiments and the political leadership must accept the fact and mend their ways of thinking and reform themselves. For the sake of the development of the states and for realizing what they had lost over the last eight years, this congenial ambience and positive political atmosphere should help the leaders to march ahead.

Political parties should cooperate when it comes to attaining a shared objective, despite the fact that they may have their own ideas and goals. The leaders will benefit much from the political system’s reset. In both states, the Congress party—which contributed to the creation of Telangana—is having an existential crisis. The next elections in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will feature a contest between four national parties, namely the BJP, Congress, BRS, and TDP, with no regional sentiment on the ballot.

It doesn’t really matter who will join forces with whom at this point; what matters is that there will be a healthy political regrouping among the parties. TDP is no longer a privileged party in Telangana, and BRS is being welcomed in Andhra Pradesh, the coming year holds a very encouraging political prospect that was unimaginable until a few months ago.

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Time will tell how TDP will perform in Telangana and BRS in Andhra Pradesh. It is rather ironic that Digvijaya Singh, who was crucial to the creation of Telangana, is doing everything in his power to keep the Congress party alive in Telangana while the very party that fiercely campaigned for Telangana is struggling to become a major national force.

In contrast to the TDP, which supported the formation of Telangana, the Congress lost political influence in Andhra Pradesh. Will the people of Andhra Pradesh embrace the Congress in the same way that the people of Telangana altered their thoughts and began to support the TDP, sparking political interest?

Political facts are becoming more apparent to the general public than to party leaders. People are no longer willing to put up with prejudice that masquerades as regional prejudice. They seek outcomes that both states can live with. #hydnews #khabarlive #hydlive