The BRS leadership is in dilemma whether the paryicipated national leaders shared a different opinion in their speeches. This made them to confuse and thought the strategical move by high command. Anyways, BRS cadre asking leadership about the different voices in the rally in Telangana.

The cadre and leaders of the Bharat Rashtra Samiti are currently bothered by a number of important questions. They consist of: Why was KCR compelled to move the national party’s inaugural event from New Delhi to Khammam? Why did national leaders skip the party’s inauguration? Why did KCR hesitate to reveal the BRS party’s platform? Why did the speakers discuss topics that make KCR look foolish?

Obviously, KCR had no choice but to move the location of the launch of his new national party to a location in Telangana, where his party is in power and thus in a position to mobilise crowds. KCR has been accused of making self-contradictory statements, rash decisions, and off-the-cuff announcements. The lackadaisical attitude by national authorities to the BRS party’s office inaugural in New Delhi last December has set the alarm bells ringing for the newly minted ‘Desh ki neta’.

Although KCR made a big deal out of meeting non-BJP, non-Congress leaders in the recent past, such as Udhhav Thackeray (then Shiv Sena chief) and Sharad Pawar (NCP) from Maharashtra, Deve Gowda and his son Kumaraswamy (JDS) from Karnataka, Stalin (DMK) from Tamil Nadu, Nitish Kumar (JDU) and Tejaswi Yadav (R Even Rakesh Tikait, the only identifiable farmer leader from the north, was notably missing. Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM and KCR’s political twin in Telangana, was a shocking absentee.

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The only notable leaders who attended the event were Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, leaders of the Communist parties CPI and CPM, which KCR referred to as “thoka parties” (tail parties) because they partnered with BRS in Telangana, and two chief ministers of the AAP, whose leaders are suspected of being involved in the “Delhi liquor scam” along with KCR’s daughter, Kavitha.

At Khammam, Desh ki Neta’s power was clearly seen! The statements made by the few ‘national’ leaders present were much more fascinating and important. Reading between the lines reveals that they were much more critical of KCR and his policies than they were of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

The CPI general secretary D. Raja and Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan (CPM), both Communist leaders, warned of threats to parliamentary democracy, but it seemed like they were criticising KCR. KCR purged all opposition from Telangana’s legislative bodies by stealing their MLAs and MLCs (except those from AIMIM). The deceptions of KCR also hurt CPI. KCR kidnapped D. Ravindra Naik, the only CPI member of the first Telangana Assembly. KCR dismissed opposition MLAs from the Assembly session after session, with only a few exceptions.

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When Vijayan firmly cautioned against attempts to modify the Constitution’s essential framework, the message hit the audience even harder. Vijayan was undoubtedly aware of KCR’s remarks on creating a brand-new one. The Communists’ attendance at the Khammam congress was “historically necessary” for the continuation of their own parties in Telangana.

Bhagwant Singh Mann, the AAP’s candidate for chief minister of Punjab, discussed “jhumlas” and how the BJP and Modi were rife with them. One was immediately brought back to KCR’s two-bedroom homes, three acres for Dalits, Dalit CM, free KG-2 post-secondary education, and numerous more “jhumlas.” Was he saying KCR that we know you’re selling even the most basic resource, land, when he said the government was selling everything?

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, emphasised putting aside egos and learning from others while referring to KCR as his older brother. He continued by describing how Stalin had visited Delhi, discovered the educational changes he had put in place there, and then returned to Tamil Nadu to further the state’s educational system.

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Kejriwal said Telangana had introduced Basti Dawakhanas after studying Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics. Despite his concession to KCR about the introduction of “Kanti Velugu” in Delhi, the message was very clear. In terms of national politics, Kejriwal, the founder of the AAP, which is currently in power in two states and is close to being recognised as a national party, should be regarded as the older brother of KCR, who is notorious for disregarding etiquette even in the face of it with the country’s PM, better not play the same “my way or highway” politics with him and his party.

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi party, delivered his message: Modi and anyone else seeking to be a “Desh ki neta” must be recognised by Uttar Pradesh. He had given KCR a clear hint.

It makes sense why KCR was reluctant to outline his party’s national platform. KCR realised there were no takers for his “national agenda” by the time it was his turn to speak, not even among those present on stage. #hydnews #khabarlive #hydlive

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