The religious fanatics are prowling in Telangana to disturb the peace. They are delivering provokative messages in various educational institutions a ross Telangana. This is disturbing students, teachers and parents.

Does the State School Education Department (SSED) continue to look on as events at various schools around the State shape an unsettling calm that is developing?

After an event at Kotagiri Zilla Parishad High School in the Nizamabad area, conflicting patterns started to emerge.

The teachers’ unions seek action against other religious groups that are criticising individual teachers, alleging that they are going beyond the call of duty by bringing what is growing and tending outside the classroom into the classroom.

The Upadhyaya Sanghala Porata Committee (UPSPC) has written letters to the Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and the Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar requesting their assistance in taking strict action against some BJP, VHP, and Bajrang Dal members who attacked a Telugu teacher at the Kotagiri ZP High School. Additionally, it has provided comments to both Director-General of Police Anjani Kumar and State Secretary of Education Vakati Karuna.

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They ordered the teacher to apologise after complaining that the attack was unjustified and that he had offended Hindu gods and goddesses. Teachers in the State were consequently denied the ability to conduct classes as they saw fit. K Jangaiah and Y Ashok Kumar, members of the USPC steering committee, said they also asked safety for the instructor. T. Ling Reddy

“If such attacks continue, teachers will not be able to teach students in accordance with Article 51(A) of the Constitution, instilling scientific temper as part of teaching lessons and making students understand teaching about constitutional rights, religious freedom, religious tolerance, scientific ideas, superstitious practises, and the like,” they claimed in their representation. However, on the other hand, some professors are accused by Hindu organisations of trying to run down the practices, traditions and culture of people belonging to their religion in the grab of scientific spirit, atheism and the Constitution.

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In an interview with #KhabarLive, Ravin Kiran, the father of a Class 10 student in Malkajgiri who attends a government school, claimed that his son’s inquiries about what he learned at school are weird and repulsive. He took issue with the careless way some teachers conduct lessons.

Chava Ravi, the general secretary of TSTUF, asserted that educators must impart to kids a Telugu non-detail on the moral lessons that Lord Rama may teach us. However, while teaching courses that are relevant to people’s sensitivities, “We don’t encourage teachers making caustic remarks or making insensitive comments. While teaching a lesson about superstitious traditions, teachers should be free to force pupils to understand while fostering a scientific outlook.

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When contacted, a senior official from the Hyderabad district education office stated that he was unable to confirm whether the individuals instructing students in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, or other lectures designed to excite them have received training in the relevant academic areas.

The sources claim that teachers are not schooled in the appreciation or criticism of language and literature, constitutional theory, scientific procedures and their development, or ancient Indian philosophy. The Telangana State Council of Educational Research and Training (TSCERT) is not interested in updating the instructional strategies for various classes and disciplines to take into account the most recent research findings.

Some teachers allow outside conflicts between organisations with opposing beliefs to influence them and bring them inside the classroom, which leads to even more uncomfortable circumstances. #Khabarlive #hydnews #hydlive #hyderabadlive