That’s fascinating! If the Bodrai festival is being revived after a hiatus of 150 years in Telangana villages, it must be an exciting and significant event for the local communities. While I don’t have specific information about the Bodrai festival itself, it’s not uncommon for cultural festivals to undergo periods of revival or resurgence.

Reviving traditional festivals helps preserve cultural heritage, promotes community bonding, and allows younger generations to connect with their roots. It’s a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, participate in traditional rituals, music, dance, and celebrate their shared history.

The Bodrai festival is an age-old festival that is being revived in many villages in Telangana. The festival is celebrated to mark the installation of a stone pillar, known as Bodrai, in the village. The Bodrai is believed to protect the village from diseases and bring prosperity and happiness to its residents.

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The Bodrai festival is typically celebrated in the month of May. The festivities begin with a procession to the site where the Bodrai will be installed. The procession is led by the village elders and priests. Once the site is reached, the Bodrai is installed with great ceremony. The priests chant mantras and offer prayers to the Bodrai. The villagers then feast and celebrate the occasion.

The revival of the Bodrai festival is a sign of the growing interest in preserving Telangana’s cultural heritage. The festival is a reminder of the rich culture and traditions of the region. It is also a way for the villagers to come together and celebrate their shared identity.

Here are some of the benefits of reviving the Bodrai festival:

  • It helps to preserve Telangana’s cultural heritage.
  • It provides a way for the villagers to come together and celebrate their shared identity.
  • It promotes community bonding and social cohesion.
  • It provides a platform for the villagers to express their cultural identity.
  • It helps to boost tourism in the region.
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Bodrai is revered by the villagers for preventing diseases like cholera and smallpox from entering the village when disaster strikes.

For a layman, Bodrai (stone pillar) is the first stone installed before a settlement starts in a village or any other place. Bodrai, the auspicious stone, is installed by various castes/communities in their respective places before the actual construction of dwellings begin. It is also called “Nabi Sila” Pratishtanam (consecration ceremony).

It is more than the foundation stone since it is worshipped by the villagers and settlement dwellers all through their stay on all occasions.

For some “Bodrai” is incarnation of “Shakti”, Goddess Kali, some relate it to “Nabi” (navel) and rai (stone), the navel in the middle of the body.

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Unlike other festivals, the priests put strict conditions on villagers for the three-day festivities in Kondurg. The conditions include, participation of people in pujas without fail, remaining in the village, attend pujas in traditional dress, bring in puja items like flowers, fruits, milk, coconuts etc., households should invite their daughters and other women folk for the festival and present saree/blouse, if possible, keep the homes clean and tidy etc. Pregnant women were barred from participating in the festivities.

Bodrai revival is now the trend in Telangana villages!

The Bodrai festival is a valuable part of Telangana’s culture. Its revival is a positive step towards preserving this heritage for future generations. #hydnews #khabarlive