A unique leader with commitment always protects his cadre anytime, anywhere – Nara Chandrababu Naidu, always called people’s leader always loved by every Telugu people.

A leader’s main responsibility is to protect his followers. Some leaders go above and above to help their party members and supporters when they face difficulties, which are frequently started by their rivals.

Looking at the past, Chandrababu seems to be particularly good at this. He never deserts his people when they face challenges hatched by his adversaries.

Chandrababu expects his people to labour tirelessly, just like any other leader. He never betrays them once they’ve done so. He serves as his people’s both saviour and strategist.

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Chandrababu’s masterstroke was to send TDP leaders to BJP after losing the 2019 election. This enabled him to employ strong legal teams and indirectly influence the country’s power structure, leading to the imprisonment of numerous YSRCP supporters who helped in the victory of Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2019 election. Thus CBN instilled fear in the YSRCP social media workforce. Surprisingly, in spite of being in power Jagan failed to protect his people owing to his lack of lobbying power. Chandrababu outscores Jagan in this aspect. 

Then Chandrababu employed a strategy of wooing dissatisfied YSRCP leaders to his side and gradually distancing them from both the party and Jagan. 

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Chandrababu understands the pulse of power centers and knows who can assist him in various situations. He is his people’s leader. He rescued Balakrishna during the YSR regime when he was caught in firing case. He went out of his way to plead with YSR and other power centers to free Balakrishna from legal entanglements, putting his own self pride and ego aside to save a family member. Even now Chandrababu continues to stand by his people and party workers. Even when some TDP members are arrested, he ensures their release by evening, hiring the best legal team for each case.

However, Jagan Mohan Reddy failed to do the same. Despite his close ties with Narendra Modi at the center, he was unable to prevent the arrest of his own supporters and his own family member, Bhaskar Reddy. Jagan believes in letting the law take its course, but that does not make one a strong leader. Followers depart quickly under such leadership.

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Jagan does not have the lobbying power that CBN does. As a true leader whose followers never dwindle once they see how he shields them from harm, CBN has mastered the art of controlling central leaders, the legal system, and his own supporters and leaders.

Any leader should take a lesson from Chandrababu in this regard. #hydnews #khabarlive