In the world of good old online casino, the release of a “revolutionary innovative game” used to mean that the next deeper level of immersive gameplay had been achieved, usually by some mastodon studio, this time with at least 17 camera angles, 8 overlays with stats and bet options, and lots of AR (augmented reality) stuff flying around the live game presenter.

That was until the popularity of Aviator and the other so called crash games started surging in 2022 and continued growing at a rapid pace.

Crash games are simple and light on resources and data, and brought a new type of revolution to online casinos.

Game Producer’s User Base nearly Triples within a Month

The surge in player interest for this new type of games, and particularly for the leading hit title – the Aviator crash game, has been so big that the studio making it turned from a marginal game producer to a market leader registering a fivefold growth in active user shares for the first 3 quarters of 2022, as reported by SevenJackpots in a recent case study on the rise of crash games.

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Just between July and August last year, the user base of this young game studio called Spribe almost tripled from 0.95% to 2.79% on the backdrop of consistent previous growth.

A comparison between performance of Spribe games for the 10 months of January to October with the August to October 2022 period shows a stable 44.2% growth in terms of generated turnovers and an even better growth of 66.68% in terms of attracted active players, more primary data from the report shows.

Google Trends Confirm Aviator’s Market Star Status

The researchers at SevenJackpots have double checked their findings using publicly available market tools and verified the upward trending of the Aviator crash game and its status of a market star.

The first graphic, courtesy of the KWFinder tool by Mangools, shows a stable rise of web searches for Aviator related terms in India throughout 2022 and especially after August.

The following Google Trends graphic provides an additional confirmation, showing a surge in interest also in backdoor ways to master the game.

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As the SevenJackpots researchers explain it, “Real-money players are often eager to get some help with winning, possibly from an AI, an app, or the like. And it is no surprise to see the growth in demand for “hacks” and “predictors” for Aviator, the hit title of the season.”

What Makes Aviator and other Crash Games so Appealing?

Aviator and the rest of the crash game group are light and fast, but they are no less interactive and thrilling then the heaviest of immersive live games. The chase for the high values of the volatile multiplier can take the breath away from many players.

Others opt for a more conservative strategy and cash out at lower multiplier values or automate the second bet feature available in Aviator and some other games with a low risk setting. Crash games typically have high RTP (Return To Player) ratios and are suitable for such play.

Yet, undoubtedly a big part of the appeal of this innovative gaming genre is the provably fair technology borrowed from the world of crypto.

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Outcomes in crash games are generated by combining server and player seeds and every player can easily verify the results of their rounds, which brings a new level of trust into online casino gaming. ■■

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