Australia is a country that still retains ancestral roots to this day that will make anyone interested in history curious; besides, its locals’ peculiar accent in English makes it a fun language to learn for thousands of students who migrate to this country to get new knowledge. But that’s not all: Australia has a natural grandeur in reserves, which makes exploring it a real adventure. 

In this article you will learn about what makes Australia unique and several exciting facts that will make you want to take a plane and fly to this great destination.

1. In Australia you will find some of the best cities in the world

Among the best cities are Melbourne and Sydney, two of the most significant metropolitan regions in the world. Besides, due to their extraordinary cultural diversity, cities are globalized by the richness of the most varied cultural miscegenation that you can find. 

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Some of the best universities and colleges in the world are in these cities, serving students from all over the world; for this reason, many students migrate to study both the English language and several other areas of knowledge. So, students will have a good education and a vibrant social life as they are awakened in great cities to live in. 

What makes Australian metropolises unique is that they are not overcrowded. We see that cosmopolitan cities worldwide have developed a claustrophobic and noisy atmosphere that makes their inhabitants want to escape to the countryside or towns to escape the bustle of cities. However, this is different for Australian metropolitan centers. These offer many activities, but also, if you want peace, you will find it. 

2. Fresh air: Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world!

Tasmania is great for experiencing pure air, like that of Antarctica. In addition, it is a paradise for lovers to take long walks, with trails and walkways that run throughout the island, where the coastal paths reveal stunning views over Wineglass Bay and Fires Bay.

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Besides that, you can enjoy charming adventures on the trails, explore the island’s caves, kayak, and ride bikes in the mountains. Wildlife is an extension of the unique animals of Australia, where the eastern Quoll, now considered extinct on the continent, is commonly seen on the fertile farmland of Tasmania. It’s also very important to remember and appreciate the immense effort of Australians to preserve the Tasmanian Devil, an essential animal for environmental conservation.

3. The importance of caring for animals in Australia: Natural reserves for preservation

Animals in Australia are some of the most interesting in the world, from adorable marsupials to various birds. There are many opportunities to experience the country’s wildlife, from zoos, parks, and nature reserves to options to see unique creatures that are the flagship of this magnificent country.

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It’s easy to see kangaroos in the fields and farmland of New South Wales, but koalas and platypuses are a little more elusive, so if you want to see them in nature, having a guide to show you where they often hide can be the best option. 

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