With one of the largest train networks in the world and millions of passengers served daily, Indian Railways is sometimes referred to as the backbone of the country.

With its eCatering technology, Indian Railways offers a distinctive method of transportation. Delicious meals are delivered to passengers’ cabins thanks to this culinary innovation, bringing a touch of fine dining to their voyage.

Introduction to eCatering

Indian Railways launched the eCatering system as part of its larger digital transformation activities. In order to accommodate a variety of tastes and dietary needs, it tries to provide passengers with a wide selection of high-quality food alternatives. Passengers may eat restaurant-style meals inside their train cabins thanks to the eCatering platform. The Indian train industry is going strong because of modern developments in this sector. For example, Indian Railways offers customers an online service called Reserved Train Between Stations, where they may check the availability of seats on trains running between two stations.

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How Does eCatering Work?

The eCatering system works as an online marketplace that links customers with reputable restaurants and food carts that are close to railway stations. The eCatering service is available to passengers via the official Indian Railways website, certain mobile applications, or approved third-party platforms. The traveler may get an organized list of food alternatives nearby once they provide their travel information and PNR number.

Placing an Order

Passengers may explore a menu including a range of cuisines, from traditional Indian food to continental specialties, after choosing the appropriate station and restaurant. The menu is designed to accommodate a range of spending levels and tastes. Users may modify orders, add things to their shopping carts, and set delivery times based on their train’s timetable.

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Payment and Delivery

Passengers can use a variety of digital payment methods to make safe online payments after the order has been verified. The security of transactions and personal information is guaranteed by the eCatering system. When the restaurant gets an order, it promptly and hygienically prepares the dish. The appointed delivery staff makes sure that the food, which is frequently provided in disposable, environmentally friendly packaging, makes it to the passenger’s compartment at the selected stop.

PNR Status Integration

A key component of the eCatering system is the PNR status, a reference number connected to each train reservation. When using the eCatering service, passengers provide their PNR numbers to make sure that the selected meal is delivered to the right train and cabin. The procedure is streamlined and kept clear and straightforward due to this integration.

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Benefits of eCatering

There are several advantages for travelers using the eCatering system. By offering restaurant-caliber meals, it improves the whole traveling experience by breaking up the pattern of train cuisine. Additionally, it works with other restaurants to assist local companies and advance cultural diversity. Additionally, the technology supports the Indian Railways’ initiatives to encourage digital transactions and minimize cash handling.■ #hydnews #khabarlive